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    Fs: Mpc 1000 $600

    Posting this for someone: Email thomas.cermak @ gmail.com if interested.
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    What do you actually want for christmas

    I have to buy gifts for several men (brother-in-law, bf's dad, family friend old guy) and I'm at a loss for the most part. My brother-in-law is a firefighter/former mechanic so I was thinking a leatherman multi-tool, but that's all I can think of and I know he carries a knife around anyway...
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    Looking for room(s)/apt for rent near OCAD

    Two female artist friends of mine need an affordable (up to $800/month) place to live for September. They're going to OCAD so walking distance to there would be great. They're non-smoking, no pets, and really great. http://www.flickr.com/photos/little_lido/...
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    It doesn't matter if you're black or white, except when it does.

    Has anyone else been following this story? Source. I'm so glad these guys were caught on video and arrested. This is clearly racially motivated and so so angering.
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    Should you sleep with your partner?

    Apparently the future will involve separate bedrooms for couples. The times has a recent article on the problems with sharing a bed. Elle also covered this not too long ago. Could you handle it? Do you have trouble sharing a bed with your partner? Do you sleep better or worse with...
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    staying motivated to stay out of shape

    If you need help lowering your standards of physical health this is the place! The GSF is obsessed with exercising, dieting and nutrition and while it's great to strive for optimal fitness, sometimes taking care of yourself means giving yourself a break from the gym, the calorie counting and...
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    MDMA used to treat PTSD

    The Peace Drug Post-traumatic stress disorder had destroyed Donna Kilgore's life. Then experimental therapy with MDMA, a psychedelic drug better known as ecstasy, showed her a way out. Was it a fluke -- or the future? By Tom Shroder Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, November 25, 2007...
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    Girls most favoritest colours is different from boys most favoritest colours:Science!

    Boys like blue, girls like pink - it's in our genes By Steve Connor, Science Editor Published: 21 August 2007 The idea that little girls like everything in pink while little boys prefer blue appears to have a scientific basis according to a study showing that a person's colour preference...
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    Gaming Computer Help

    I'm trying to buy my brothers a desktop computer. They love their games so I want to get them something that will work well with graphics but not so well that it will be an extra incentive to stay glued to the screen all night. :p What parts make a computer good for games? Is it the video...
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    Girls and Sex

    Are we turning girls into "prosti-tots?" The sexualization of children is topic that seems to keep coming up in conversations lately.
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    After doing a search for Chicago I found that there have been lots of Chicago threads (duh). I've gone through the threads and organized the text so that the information isn't all spread out. I'm going for 4 days and nights and my professional responsibilities end the very first day I'm...
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    Happy Birthday PosTMOd!

    Even though this sums up how you feel about birthdays. :p
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    ATTENTION: I have gone on vacation

    no worries. i might not talk to anyone in person forever, but i will contact you through tribe occasionally. okay, bye now. p.s.: this is really me, swear to god and everything
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    LF: summer sublet

    Hi all, I'm looking to sublet a one bedroom from May 1st to August 31st. Pretty much anywhere close to the Yonge line is excellent. I don't mind having roommates as long as they're clean and relatively quiet on weeknights. Pets are cool but smoking inside isn't. I'm willing to pay between...
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    Ok, so I go to school in Peterborough, my rental contract is for the whole year and I'm not allowed to sublet, I pay $450 inclusive. There aren't really any good jobs up here, I've gone to the career centres, networked, on campus jobs and most of the work is part-time or minimum wage or taken by...
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    Computer help?!?!

    I just got a new computer and high speed connection today. It’s been a long time so I’m out of the loop and was wondering if I could get some help. What is the best program for downloading music and what not? What are the best spy ware programs? Basically what are the essential things I...
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    cheap airfare to london?

    anybody know where I can get such a thing? someone once told me about a site, similar to ebay, where you can enter your destination, and your price range, and the website fairy will find airfare, car rentals, hotels etc. etc. within the price range that you request. Anyone know anything...
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    NHL tunes

    Just finished watching the Bruins kill the Habs with the greatest boyfriend on earth but was urked as I couldnt put a name to a song I heard in the game. Everytime the Habs scored they played a song that was really catchy to the ear, can anyone help with a name:confused:
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    What is your fave bread?

    Lately I've been eating a lot of pita bread, but peanut butter and jam just doesn't taste the same on it. Before that it was bagels, but now I am sick at the thought after eating them for half a year. What other kinds of breadish foods are good? Does anyone really still eat white bread all...