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    tables/mixer for sale

    I have a Next NT2500 table, a Numark TT1910 table, and a Numark DM1001X mixer for sale. Make an offer.. jason.maxwell@sympatico.ca icq - 7101075 Peace
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    tables/mixer for sale

    hey all.. im selling my tables and mixer if anybody is interested. One deck is a Numark - tt1910 and the other is a Next - NT2500, both are direct drive and both are in excellent condition. The mixer is a Numark DM-1001x, which is also in good shape. Also a pair of Tech headphones...
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    records for sale

    I am selling approx. 90 records. It is a mixture of uk hardhouse, trance, nrg, progressive and a few techno, hardcore and goa records. I am asking $700 for them all. If any one is interested, send me an email @ jason.maxwell@sympatico.ca and we can talk. I also have around 45 old hiphop...