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  1. J

    7th Heaven Reviews!

    Voytek, You best not miss the next one: You're on the flyer lol! Peace, Jason.
  2. J

    7th Heaven Reviews!

    Hey Everyone, My Review: K, Well I'm not gonna Review my own Party BUT I will review the DJs: Favourite Set: CHICLET You absolutely rocked it! By far and away the coolest set of the night for me. You blended hard and Epic Trance the way it should be done. Your enthusiasm for Djing...
  3. J

    *** Ascension 18 ***

    ADT Paladin never showed so he couldn't have sucked. Peace, Jason.
  4. J

    Nightmare & Email at Palais Royale

    Ivan Cool..now I know the track title! thx, Jason.
  5. J

    Nightmare & Email at Palais Royale

    Android's track is belive it or not: Fatboy Slim "What is what?" (..what the fuck.) I'm not sure if that is the title of it but it's by the Slim Fat one. Peace, Jason.
  6. J

    High Wire - Sky High

    Yeah I spun mostly Hard German Trance. Needed a change from the floaty stuff. lol Peace, Jason.