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    ~*...would you still have sex with her?...*~

    Clearly someone who's gone through years of surgeries and hormone therapies can't possibly understand the pain of craving Rocky Road once a month.
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    ~*...would you still have sex with her?...*~

    Yeah, but can you think of anything besides a form of homophobia that’s stopping you? I’m not mudslinging; I said “logically” in my post above because, despite making this argument to myself, if I was to be in a situation with someone that (in an increasingly hypothetical scenario) looked and...
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    Going Prorogue II: Harper taking his ball and leaving

    Elections are effective as a remedial tool as well. I don’t think we can equate perceived voter apathy with indifference over national governance.
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    ~*...would you still have sex with her?...*~

    I've seen some dudes flip out at the club because of this. To be fair, if she wants to tell at all, she should do it before you start getting "hot and heavy". IMO, and especially in a random hook-up scenario, if the person that you're with embodies what turns you on (whether it looks like a...
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    Seriously, potheads. Who's up for a meet and greet?
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    Photos of Sex Offenders

    You're giving yourself too much credit.
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    Photos of Sex Offenders

    Criticizing Middle-Eastern regimes’ policy relating to the treatment of women (especially in the context of specific application of either Islamic or Judaic law) is different than putting forward thinly-veiled suggestions that the suspects raped the victims because of their Middle-Eastern...
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    so I fiddled with her, but I was on drugs and I'm sorry...

    What would have been an adequate punishment, in your eyes?
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    Guess what's in this paper bag!

    a collection of extinct Tribe tags?
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    bringing a gun to a snowball fight

    Why does it matter what the shit he was driving? He pulled a friggin' gun at a bunch of people throwing snow balls. It's wrong even if we was in a Yugo.
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    Mammary related traffic accident

    Good on Yahoo for remaining abreast of the story
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    Some best of the bests pleeeease!

    BlogTO is probably your best bet. Check out their best-off and go window shopping, grab a coffee, or some tapas at some of the best Toronto has to offer.
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    What is a "CD"?

    Doesn't matter (it also applies to both reserve and regular force)
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    What is a "CD"?

    As starr mentioned, Canadian Forces Decoration. It's given to a member of the CF that's completed 12 years of service without any hiccups.
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    "Coming Out Straight" author gets PWNED!!

    It stops becoming just trolling when people use your message to justify murder.
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    What Lala Means for the Streaming Future of iTunes

    Both delivery models would (presumably) use the same library, so I'm not quite following your logic?
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    Squillace @ FW

    It's only like four acts, though. Nathan B solo, then two B2B sets. Should leave a couple of hours for DS.
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    Squillace @ FW

    Heard a lot of great reviews from a couple of his other gigs earlier on in the year. Anyone else going to hit this up?
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    Canucks complicit in torturing innocents in Afghanistan

    Not really a huge leap if good sampling methods are used. AR used 1,010 people and has a confidence level of +/- 3.1% in their poll. This certainly wouldn't give you an absolute answer, but it's more than good enough to act as a barometer (based on the questions asked in the poll).