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    MINT Playstation 3 40GB for sale

    Hi people, This unit was bought in June 2008 from best buy for 450 tax/included. I will include the receipt for proof of purchase and warranty reasons (1 year i believe). Its in perfect condition and comes from a smoke/child free home. Asking price is $360. Email me at reza.rowghani@gmail.com...
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    Beware Of A Buyer On Tribe Who Goes By The Name Of Ray Provost

    I sold my computer to him, and neive me agreed to only accept half the amount at the time of delivery, and have been waiting weeks for the other amount. Its really a shame that some people have absolutely no concept of what is right and wrong. I guess im just as much to blame for believing a...
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    Fs: Maudio Delta 44

    Thought Id throw this here before it goes on Ebay. Great condition. Box, manual and drivers included. $150, email rowghani@rogers.com if interested. Here is a pic and some specs: Delta 44 Specifications: • 4x4 24-bit/96kHz full-duplex recording interface. • PCI Host card...
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    Records For Sale (prog/tribal/house)

    Hi Guys and Girls. There are over 100 records here, and I want to sell the whole lot for $300. Id rather not sell individuals since im not lcated in Toronto right now, but email me at rowghani@rogers.com if you are interested in the lot, or if you are interested in a bunch of the titles...
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    Addy and Paranoid Jack - Move on

    Played by Tenaglia and just heard it on Deep dish's live at TribeHouse Neuss Pt 1. Great work guys!!!!!! R.
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    Why Get A Mac

    A friend of mine, you know who you are ;) has recently advised me on getting a MAC. Im selling my pc and moving to a laptop, but never thought of getting a MAC. Clearly I want this notebook for production reasons, but also to run all of life's other necessasities (ie Word processor etc. )...
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    FS: Computer Production Ready

    All parts are 8 months to 1 year old, and power supplied changed 3 months ago. Loads of software also included. $700 for whole package Email rowghani@rogers.com Athlon XP 2600 + CPU 1 Gig DDR-400 RAM 80 Gig 7200 Rpm Hard Drive 15 Gig 7200 Rpm Hard Drive Powercolour Radeon 9600 Pro...
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    Fs: Ibm 31 Gig Hard Drive

    Had it for acouple of years. Asking $25 Bucks rowghani@rogers.com if interested ;)
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    Fs: Powercolor Radeon 9600pro

    Trying to sell this here before putting it up on ebay. Its about 8 months old. Great card if you are not willing to spend a fortune. Asking $100. Email rowghani@rogers.com if interested. Thanks!!!! Here are the specs and some pics: Model Chipset: -RADEON 9600 Support...
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    Going laptop

    Hi guys/gals. Ive been using a pc with a Delta 44 sound car, and im making the jump to a laptop. 1) My first question is I can't use the Delta 44 card anymore since its a pci slot etc. What do you guys recommend for a laptop compatible sound card with the same capabilities as the delta...
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    No idea where to place this thread, my Sony 700s broke after 2 years. Im looking for new headphones but wont go back to the 700s. Please give me some names of headphones in the same price range (ie around $150) Thanks!
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    Vinyl For Sale

    ---------------------Prog/House/Deep House------------------------------ Junction 31 - Rhythm/Fusion - Covert Recordings Kosheen - Hide U Sultan and ToneDepth - Sagres - Alola Luzon - Manilla Sunrise - Yoshitoshi Chris Fraser - Kismet - Vapour Spacedubs - Theres no out - Pure Music...
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    Cubase Sx 2 Problem

    When i do an audio mix down with my midi instruments running and using insert effects such as the arpache, the mix down does not come out the same as in my sequencer. Its really frustrating me. Does anybody have any suggestions? what i mean by it doesnt come out the same is that it will be...
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    Records For Sale

    Gotta get rid of stuff, here they are: Prog/House/Deep House: Junction 31 - Rhythm/Fusion - Covert Recordings Kosheen - Hide U Sultan and ToneDepth - Sagres - Alola Luzon - Manilla Sunrise - Yoshitoshi Chris Fraser - Kismet - Vapour Spacedubs - Theres no out - Pure Music Legend of...
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    Houseaddict Radio with Craig anderson - January 23rd 2005

    Tracklisting: 1) Bakony Scamp - "Ivett" 2) Dirty Vegas - "Walk into the Sun" (Dirty Vegas Club Mix) 3) Slam - "Lie to Me" (Vocal Mix) 4) Carter & Swain - "Felt Love" (Vocal Mix) 5) Stylophonic - "All Night Long" 6) Octex - "Emergon" 7) Trafik - "Echoes" (4th vs J-Punch:Jetlagged Mix) 8)...
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    Wanted : Studio Monitors

    not looking to spend an arm and a leg, anybody have a pair for sale email me at reza@houseaddict.com Thanks a bunch, Reza
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    looking for some sexy house

    hi guys, well, im looking for some sexy housey stuff! im thinking along the lines of Armand Van Helden Entre Mi casa type of thing. Very sexy, tribally etc. Any help is muchly appreciate, thanks so much!
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    New Mix!

    Hi folks, just made a new mix and would love to hear your feedback, take care Tracklisting: 1) Mark Martini pres. Hollow Promise - Highway One 2) Jas - Silver man Tango (envy mix) 3) Luca Ricci feat. Monica Hernandez - Una Historia d'amor 4) Martelli - The worth 5) Nick k - Fallen...
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    Track Id Paleeeeeez

    hey guys, i REALLY NEED YOUR HELP LOL i heard this track on one of behrouz's sets, and i think its really nice. I would love to know the name of this track....... the lyrics go something like this: female voice: "Honey let me tell you, you mean so much to me...... deep down, deep...
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    Wanted: Accorsi/bassetti - Until The End

    anybody have this on vinyl, i can't seem to find it...i remember release having it at one point, but sold out quick i think please help