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    Hey - It's Lurker's birthday!!

    Happy Birthday PAUL!!! :) :) :) Sucks that you're all the way out in Montreal, but don't worry - all your friends here will still be sharing your birthday with you... I'm sure we'll be able to see the glow off of ALL the candles from Toronto. :D *bwahahahah* Seriously tho, wishing...
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    S! A! T-u-r! D-a-y!

    Well whatever, someone was gonna start one! :p (Though why everyone needs a weekend thread, then a Saturday thread, then a Sunday thread is beyond me.) Just heading off to work, and I see a lot of white on the CP24 traffic cams Who's up and can give me an idea of what the roads are like...
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    Happy Birthday Balzz!

    Happy Birthday Shane! :D Oh how I've longed for this day, and all the days the follow where I will finally have a comeback for everything you throw at me... "Yeah well, YOU'RE OLD!" *grins* Or else I could always resort to your old standby... SJ
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    Happy birthday Monkey!!!!

    Let's all help Monkey celebrate his special day by giving him an enthusiastic... "WHERE MY BITCHES AT?!" Look Matty!!! I'm posting in the Breaks Room, and you can't stop me! :p Have a grrrreat day LOSER! :D SJ
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    It's Ian's (eclipze) BIRTHDAY!!!

    Happy Birthday to the only guy who's made me see stars and taken my breath away at the same time.... WHEN HE COLLIDED WITH ME FULL FORCE HALFWAY DOWN A RUN @ BLUE!!! :p Aww Eeeen, you know I love ya... even though you're... th-- thi--- well you know. ;) Anytime you need someone to...
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    Birthday shout outs goin' to vench!

    Happy Birthday Chris!!! :D Hope you have a fan-freakin-tastic birthday, you deserve it! :) Break a leg tonight @ Film! SJ P.S. Chris has a HAWT voice.... ;)
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    Happy B-Day pr0nstar!

    Hope you have a good one Kenny! :D No matter how much everyone hassles you about it, we're glad you didn't quit for real. We'd miss ya too much! ;) Have a super day! :cool: SJ P.S. Hopefully we'll get a chance to board together this winter.... cept I have to bring P-air. Could...
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    Meat Katie - Essential Mix (on now!)

    Nice - a breaks remix of David Ramirez's "Are you Ready". :cool: Click here then click on "Listen Live"... it's only 15 mins in. SJ
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    Classic House track ID from 1992?

    Someone on Soulseek messaged me last night asking if I was good at finding old house tracks... I promptly answered "Yes" because i've taken on many, many "rekkid missions" for DJs and found tracks that that they never expected to hold in their hands. However, this person needs to know what...
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    Converting Real Media files to MP3

    Looking for info on programs that can convert .RM files to .MP3s I searched on Google, but unfortunately none that I came across are free (doncha hate that?) and any of the free trials that were available were pretty much useless (ie. only converts half the file, etc.) I basically only...
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    Blue Moon tonight

    Just in case anyone is interested... Blue Moon ~ July 31st Summary - (Jul 9, 2004) A Blue Moon is a fairly rare event that happens when there are two full moons in a single month. Since the Moon's cycle lasts 29 days, and most months are 30 or 31 days long, it can happen - usually...
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    Yay! It's Ray Ray's birthday!!

    Happy Birthday Ray Ray!! Best wishes and mad love goin' out to a kick ass DJ, and an amazing friend! :D I'm sure this years celebrations will bring many momments where you just want to "MAKE IT STOP!" ;) SJ
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    On Much Music right now. (duh - LOL) Beasties were awesome! That's a lot of jumpin around and yelling for 40 year olds! SJ
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    BMW Mini Cooper Test flight

    Who else is playing Austin Powers this weekend? :D I'm going tonight but only passenger stylez, cuz no one will teach me to drive standard. :p It's a shame too - I was hoping to see if I inhereted any of my Dad's skills, as he used to race them. Hopefully the rain stays away and the...
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    Genre names

    So i'm looking up this weeks House releases on DanceRecords... I usually find their genre listings to be pretty helpful because they are fairly specific, so it gives me a good idea as to whether or not I want to bother listening to the sample. However this week I noticed a new genre...
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    Happy Happy B-Day Eclipze!!

    *raises a glass* To Ian... Here's hoping that you're still bustin' out like a freak to DJ Dan when you're retired! Have a great day you crazy workaholic. ;) We'll do it up on Friday! SJ
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    The HAWT car thread!

    In a discussion I had a few weeks back with one Mr. JMaggs, I discovered that while we agree on most things, we have totally different taste in cars. The ones I LOVED, he HATED, and the ones he loved, I hated. You get the idea. It seemed like it was totally based on asthetics, so I guess...
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    Fun game!! GIRLZ ONLY!

    Ahhh.... the perfect Valentine's Day gift... *giggles* http://www.davidandgoliathtees.com/new/games/throwrocks.html
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    Fun game!! GIRLZ ONLY!

    Ahhh.... the perfect Valentine's Day gift... *giggles* http://www.davidandgoliathtees.com/new/games/throwrocks.html SJ
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    J-Mat & Hatiras @ Element

    Fucking amazing set by J-Mat! Though I wouldn't expect anything less from such a pro! :D Nice work Matt! Only stayed for about 40 mins of Hatiras' set but he played Daft Punk so what else would I care about hearing? :p Place was rammed - props to Activate and 2theBeat. SJ