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    Political Correctness running amuck....

    thought i'd create a thread where I (and others) could post & discuss all things regarding the renewed instances of Political Correctness rampaging through society.... ------ probably the best place to start is US college campuses, where PC bullshit is going full on nuclear ...
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    Religion = batshit

    so i've been posting examples of irrational belief dictating harmful behaviour in the Islam thread, but only examples specific to Islam. I don't want to paint myself as picking only on Islam (although it's clearly the best [worst] example of bad ideas leading to horrible actions in our present...
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    NAACP leader outed as 'white' after a decade of passing as 'black'.

    NAACP Leader Outed As A White Woman After A Decade Of Passing For Black | Necole Bitchie.com Rachel Dolezal: Fallout continues unabated - BBC News Rachel Dolezal the NAACP leader outed as WHITE by her parents | Daily Mail Online Truth is stranger than fiction. I have to think this woman has...
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    The Fallen : WW2 Loss of Life Visualized

    pcVzfOmt4Tg i absolutely love this short film. it really puts some perspective into how horrible war can be, and how lucky we've been in the modern era.
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    If you were to steal some Apple computers would you gift wrap a Ping Pong Table?

    this guy did : qd145xb1JGw Suspect tries to wrap ping-pong table during Liberty Village theft | 680News
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    FS- Yamaha HTR-5920 A/V Receiver

    Yamaha A/V Receiver. Decent condition (couple of cosmetic niks here & there). Works fine. Has Dolby Digital & DTS, and 2 component in's for HD content. Have the remote, but not the box or manual. $80 Located in Etobicoke at Islington & the 401. I'm downtown sometimes in the late evenings...
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    FS - Pioneer VSX-D850S A/V Receiver

    Pioneer VSX-D850S AV Receiver - 6.1 Channel, Dolby Digital, DTS ES, 660 watts of power! This is a fantastic receiver, and i've loved it for several years, but alas it's time for me to upgrade to something with HDMI so I'm afraid I'll have to sell this great unit to make way for the new one...
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    Rogers Apple iPhone 3Gs 32GB

    Good condition. Located in Etobicoke (islington & 401). I'm downtown sometimes in the late evening, and in mississauga every weekend. $320 firm
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    Steve Jobs resigns

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    Canadian Oversea Military Bases???

    Canada considering international bases: MacKay - Canada - CBC News oh FFS Harper. I guess we don't need to pay for Health Care afterall?
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    FS : 2010 MacBook Pro 15", i5 2.53Ghz, 4gb RAM 500gb HDD

    I'm selling a mint condition 15" MacBook Pro. this is the 2010 model. Bought from futureshop in February. Warranty expires in feb 2012, but can be extended if you buy applecare before then. Still have the box and everything that came with it. Here are the full specs : MacBook Pro "Core i5"...
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    Charlie Sheen Interview

    Pretty F'ing epic : Charlie Sheen: Not Bipolar but 'Bi-Winning' - ABC News Charlie Sheen Says He Will Sue - ABC News
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    Back to the future Portraits :

    Saw this today. Kind of cool : Back to the Future by Irina Werning this one scares me :