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    Anyone have experience with a rosin pressing service?

    If anyone has used and would recommend a rosin pressing service I would love to hear from you. I would be sending a quantity of flower through the mail so I'm only looking for recommendations from a trustworthy service, due to the obvious risk. Or if anyone here has a setup and would want to...
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    Legality of gifting clones?

    Just curious if anyone here has dug deep into the regulations and could quote, or point me towards specific aspects of the law, that deal with gifting clones (rooted, young non flowering plants) between non-medical adults in Ontario?
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    Help cutting the cable

    I'm helping my old man reduce his cable bill. Currently with Rogers. :confused: He`has internet, phone and cable with them and the monthly bill is ridiculous. (I will likely be helping him switch to teksavvy for internet and phone, but the cable is the $$$ issue atm. I personally use an...
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    Merry Christmas mix

    https://soundcloud.com/greg-bishop-12/christmas-2014 Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!
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    Traktor Users what laptop are you running?

    So I grabbed an S4 and my old laptop can't quite handle it (drops audio, freezes, clicks etc). I have done a fair bit of tweaking it and it's gone from unbearable to a few clicks per hour set and the occasional freeze. Time for something new I think. For those using Traktor or similar...
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    Allen Heathe Xone:32

    Great condition, no issues with it, please pm or email gbishop2078 at rogers dot com I'm in Brampton, work in Mississauga, can arrange to meet elsewhere for a serious buyer. Cheers!
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    Serato, Traktor etc for mixing tunes

    Thinking of trying out some software for (dj) mixing tracks, just curious to hear views on the obvious and any not so obvious choices. *Be warned I'm a bit of a Luddite, the latest audio gear I own are needles for the technics1200 technics1200 ' bought four years ago lol, ei no super...
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    Recommendations for an in car Bluetooth speaker

    Looking for a blue tooth speakerphone to use with an iphone in car. I bought a Supertooth for the woman but we hate it so much we don't even turn it on. Don't need anything too fancy, just to use for calls, not texting or anything. Anyone using something they can recommend?
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    Ipod/Iphone speakers

    Anyone have any recommendations for a good, hopefully portable speaker dock? I want something with good speakers, and actual bass. Reviews or experience welcomed, thanks for any input.
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    Wemf 2011

    Really? What a cool surprise, if it's on count me in.
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    FS Cross Fader for Roland Mixer - $20

    I have one CFX-2 available. This is the 'scratch' style cross fader that came with the DJ1000. I'd say unused but I did play around with it once to hear it's different crossfader curve. I also have replacement guts for the regular cross fader. When I had to replace mine I was told that...
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    Brand new Womens Oakley Ski/ Snowbaord pants Size S $60

    These are brand new and only worn to try on. My girlfreind bought these online and the legs are too long for her. Tags are still attached. Super low price since because she got them at a discount. cocopark9 at hotmale dot com
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    So my employer lost a drive with my SIN on it..

    My employer has lost a USB key containing names, positions, salary, SIN and date of hire of all Canadian employees. They have contacted provincial and federal authorities and have suggested everyone personally contact the three credit bureaus - equifax, Trans Union and Experian to flag your...
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    Thinking about moving out west

    For the last couple of years the girl and I have been toying with the idea of moving out west. We both love doing things out doors, and are very avid skiers, and this is major reason behind heading in this direction. I've always considered Calgary or Vancouver, and my company has a really...
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    Neighbour argument - did I over react?

    Ok, so I just had it out with a dog walker, toe to toe, in front of my house. I'm pretty emberassed. Below is some quality rambling. I've always felt I'm a piece loving, easy going, easy to talk to type guy. Oldschool raver dude - cliche but true. Tonight has me rethinking who I am...
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    Laundry question

    Hi Girls, what do you use to keep colours alive in cotton shirts? I have lots of polo shirts and they seem to fade quickly. I usually use what's sitting there, and it's the powedered Tide. I seperate them somewhat by colours, but some are have lots of different colours so it's not a...
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    Renting a car

    I've got a trip out west coming up, and I've got a package where I land, then get a bus ride and stay at a relatively secluded resort. I'd like some mobility and freedom, plus this opens up opportunities that would have been too inconvenient by bus. I've never rented a car before, and just...
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    mp3 mixing software

    Are there any downloadable mp3 mixers that are any good? I've always been strictly vinyl and guess I should get with the 90's.
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    Flash video problem

    I'm trying to watch the X games online at EXPN.com on a laptop that's connected to the internets wirelessly. I got nothing but a black screen. If I right click it and view errors, it says Windows Media has encountered a problem. I have updated the media player, as well as the Adobe flash...
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    Feeler - PS2

    Anyone interested in a working, non modded PS2?