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    Deer outside my office window right now!

    ps louis ck rules
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    Deer outside my office window right now!

    i can't believe they tased the deer, bro!!! :eek:
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    ughh...anyone else sick of the mac ads?

    all of these extremely convincing personal anecdotes and heresay songs have me convinced that macs suck the bag
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    Harmonized Sales Tax = massive tax increase

    ...actually in your example it would be $40/mth = $480/yr
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    Getting a new furnace! I need info!

    something to consider: hi efficiency furnaces don't vent through your chimeny. they need to punch a hole in the exterior wall and send the emissions into your yard...it's a little smelly and is about as loud as a dryer. i wouldn't replace a 12 yrs old furnace that's in decent shape. the...
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    LF: GTA IV Xbox 360

    i'm all over this deal...i have a mint cond'n gta4 for xbox 360 and I'm looking to pick up a copy for ps3...check yo' pm
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    FS - XBOX 360 Pro (20GB) - $150

    I'm way overpriced....this thing is now offered at $100
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    FS - XBOX 360 Pro (20GB) - $150

    I never use this anymore so I might as well sell it. The system is in excellent condition, never had any problems with it. Comes with 1 wireless controller, AV cables, and power. If you're interested in sports games and/or GTA4 we can work out a package for the games. PM me or shoot me an...
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    Organic food no healthier than ordinary food.

    deus nailed it on the head. end of discussion.
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    Louis CK!

    we just saw him at the Montreal just for laughs festival...we got an extended set and we were crying with laughter! definitely worth checking out!!
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    Buying a house/condo - your experiences?

    it wasn't just cosmetic...the walls and floors were pretty square, but there some pretty severe moisture problems EVERYWHERE, especially in places where you wouldn't expect it (interior wall partitions, ceilings between floors)...the buyer will need to gut everything down to the studs, re-wire...
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    Buying a house/condo - your experiences?

    it really was a house of horrors...it prevented me from falling asleep as I felt so bad that some people were actually living there...it looked like it started to go to hell 30 years ago, and nobody was living there for the past 10. truly frightening to think that children were raised there...
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    Cat Shirt > Wolf Shirt

    this shirt is incredible!! i'm pretty sure i could pull this off
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    FS: 27" Sony Wega, Swivel Stand, and DVD Player

    For Sale: - Sony WEGA 27" Flat Screen TV in excellent condition (KV-27FS13) - Sony DVD/CD/VCD Player in excellent condition (DVP-NS400D) - Matching swivel stand with 2 shelves - Original remote controls for TV + DVD player Everything has been very well taken care of Asking $220. PM...
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    The Iphone Apps Thread

    ^^ HOw do you get Pandora to work? I thought Canadian IPs were banned..
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    Architecture - coolest building evarrr

    i'm a big fan of the patkau stylez
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    Bank of Canada rate

    it's almost impossible to find a point in time in the last 30 years, for a 5 year term, when a fixed rate is cheaper than going variable. I challenge you to find just one!! http://www.canequity.com/mortgage_rate_history.stm
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    ATTN Poutine lovers - Smoke's Poutinerie

    i'm basing my prediction on quality of taste vs. fat/caloric intake ratio, not the backasswords management issues they've been having...downloading 1000 calories per trip to the trough just ain't worth it
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    ATTN Poutine lovers - Smoke's Poutinerie

    i'm going out on a limb and predicting smoke's goes bankrupt by summer...definitely over-rated, and extremely over-calorierated