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    Need some information on how to deal with a special needs/mental health situation

    I don't want to go into the specifics here, but I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have a relatively new neighbour (maybe 4 months now) in my apartment building who has some disabilities of an unknown nature. Essentially, this person is extremely high functioning and...
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    I thought I'd create a thread where Tribe's members can share their smoothie stories, lessons and favourite recipes. Lately I'm on a green smoothie kick. I was looking for ways to eat more vegetables without having to pack them in at dinner time or resort to constant salad eating. I used to...
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    Looking for spirulina experiences - do you use it? how do you use it? why do you use it? What changed after using it? I'm a stickler for good scientific evidence on the stuff, and while I can accept that its safe for human consumption, given the centuries-long historial use by South...
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    Ecstacy - now with added cancer fighting!

    Modified ecstasy 'attacks blood cancers' BBC News - Modified ecstasy 'attacks blood cancers' By James Gallagher Health reporter, BBC News Modified ecstasy could one day have a role to play in fighting some blood cancers, according to scientists. Ecstasy is known to kill some cancer cells...
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    LF: 2 tickets to Canada Day BEATS AHOY

    Pls contact via PM. Also interested in offers for 1 ticket.
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    The Ontario Health Study

    Hello Tribe Community, It may not be a huge surprise to some of you that I'm studying health research, so I wanted to share information about the Ontario Health Study. One of the biggest challenges for health researchers is the availability of data to work with, particularly patient...
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    Satoshi @ FW?

    Did anyone attend? Was it amazing with amazing sauce? I wish I could've gone, but it just wasn't in the cards.
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    Recommend a Jewelry Storage Solution

    Ladies, I need help. I have a lot of jewelry. Earrings of all shapes and sizes, bracelets, rings and oh so many necklaces. Dainty and chunky items, all together. I have a container with several compartments that I currently use for storage, but I don't like laying my jewelry down as things...
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    Wireless Bras

    This silly Facebook trend of posting the colour of your bra (don't get me started on how I think its bullshit that posting the colour of your bra spreads awareness of breast cancer) has reminded me that the wireless bras that I love so much don't really come in pretty patterns or bright colours...
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    Recommend a set of Michael Jackson Remixes

    As the title implies, I'm looking for a mixed set of Michael Jackson remixes - any suggestions? Recommendations should not necessarily be limited to one genre :) Someone must've done this in the past year, if not before then.
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    NYC - Electric Zoo Festival?

    This looks very interesting... http://www.electriczoofestival.com/ And Porter has trips to NYC 15% off right now...that's $300 roundtrip, taxes in! So, is anyone going? I'm thinking about it...
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    Spinal Decompression - experiences?

    Looking into this as a treatment option for my mother's bulging disk. She's tried everything - massage, chiropractic and anti-inflammatory injections into the offending disk. well, the only approach she hasn't tried is weight-loss, but its very difficult for her to do pretty much any...
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    Leave the Karate Kid Alone!

    The movie was perfect as is! http://www.boston.com/ae/celebrity/articles/2007/10/02/will_smiths_karate_kid/ Will Smith's Karate Kid October 2, 2007 (BANG) - Will Smith's son Jaden is set to star in a remake of cult classic 'The Karate Kid'. Will's nine-year-old son is being lined...
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    The strange things that men say...

    ... in bed. Maybe this doesn't deserve a thread of its own, but hey - it'll be entertaining if nothing else. Come in here to share the funny things that men say to you in bed, or to get advice after hearing some whack shit while getting busy. so... A friend of mine gives me a call...
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    LF: a long shot - Blue Mountain rental for NYE

    This is a last ditch effort to find a rental for NYE in Collingwood. 4 adults. one hotel suite/condo/townhouse preferred. PM me if you have anything available or know someone who does.
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    The Halloween Costume Help Thread

    Some of the ladies in this forum are so crafty, I thought a halloween costume advice thread would be very useful. Plus, Halloween is only 2 weeks away - we need to help eachother out! So, my plan this year is to dress as Twiggy. Value Village should be a great resource for the necessary...
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    Help! Wedding dress needed off-the-rack

    This request is not for myself (I would never try to plan a wedding in two months). Since we've had several ladies on this board get married over the past little while, I thought I might tap the tribe-collective wedding knowledge for some help. I have a friend who's getting married in...
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    .SPU file conversion - HELP!

    Hello folks, I've got a file problem that I just can't solve. I've been given a disc of data to analyze, but the data is stored as a .spu image (spectrum 512 image, apparently a type of bmp format). After some searching I was able to find a program that allows me to view the file, XnView...
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    WTB: Dell laptop docking station

    I'm looking for a (slightly) used Dell docking station. Must be compatable with the Dell Latitude series (specifically the D420). PM me with the model details and asking price. Thanks!
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    NYE in Van City?

    I'll be spending Christmas and NYE in Vancouver this year. Any suggestions for NYE Events? Any event listings online that I can browse? Thanks :)