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  1. K

    RIP Dave Greenfield

    Legend. May be a bit old for some of the peeps on the board however The Stranglers were, are, and will always be a staple on my weekend playlist. Alway's the SUN
  2. K

    RIP John Mann _ Spirit Of The West

    It‘s been a few days but I wanted to put this up for anyone who wasn’t aware that John had passed away. For anyone that isn’t aware of his fight over the past number of years, or if you are familiar with Spirit of the West (and I am not talking about “home for a rest “ which is how a lot of...
  3. K

    Anthony Bourdain-RIP

    WOW I was so surprised and sad to hear of his passing. Kate Spade and now this. I watched all his shows and loved his honesty and free spirit. No one will ever know what goes through someone’s mind but sadly this is becoming more and more common. If nothing else I hope this continues to...
  4. K

    Avicii - RIP

    Just saw this come across my feed. Like the music or not, another one gone too soon.
  5. K

    RIP Gord Downie

    Just saw this come across my Twitter feed. Brought so much joy and happiness to so many. And a very proud Canadian. You will be missed. One of the good ones.
  6. K

    RIP Carrie Fisher

    wow. 2016 has really taken a toll on a lot of people. Safe travels and GOD rest.
  7. K

    Another Game For Milos

    Really hope he can pull this off and win Wimbledon. Such a good story and he seems to be so humble and open. Go Canada
  8. K

    RIP Gordie Howe

    For all the hockey fans out there. Another legend gone this year.
  9. K


    Good old Canadian Whiskey. As a long time rye drinker in many forms (ginger ale, coke, neat, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Sazerac, etc) I have once again found my go to rye at the LCBO. CENTURY RESERVE 21 YEARS OLD CANADIAN RYE WHISKY Like a fine wine, this whiskey just gets better and...
  10. K

    Tablet Recommendation Needed

    Looking to get a tablet for shared use between myself and daughter. Mostly surfing the net and games for the little one. As I'm not an overly techy person thought I'd ask and see what others recommend. Cheers Kenny
  11. K

    Travel Question - Turks Caicos. Anyone been

    Trying to plan the family vacation for end of this year and I'm thinking Turks Caicos. Other than pictures on the Internet and travel brochures, I have nothing else to go on. Anyone been?
  12. K

    Adam Yauch - Beastie Boys dies

    RIP He's been sick for a few years but still so young.
  13. K

    At What Point Do You Consider Yourself Debt Free

    Just a random thought on a Saturday night. Is it when you don`t owe anyone anything (as in no mortgage, consumer loans, student debt, etc). Or when your assets are greater than your liabilities. Not that it changes anything but more curious to see where everyone stands. :)
  14. K

    BBQ - Big Green Egg

    Anyone have one? Thinking of picking one up to compliment the gas grill. I've never used one but have heard good things. Either that or stick with a much less expensive Weber charcoal model.
  15. K

    Car Question - Anyone own a 2011 VW Golf

    Thinking of buying one and I'm curious to get some feedback from owners. Pros, cons, etc. I've bounced all over the place, everything from an Audi 3 to a Mazda 3 and alot of others in between. My wife will pretty much be driving it all the time so she wants something relatively small, but...
  16. K

    Buzzin Fly

    Anyone else into Ben Watt and his Buzzin Fly work? This is exactly my sound these days and his mixes on the website are all top notch. haven't seen him live in going on 8 years but imo he's one of the top producers out there.
  17. K

    Recommend me a digital camera

    Looking to buy a new digital camera. Budget up to $1000, so I'm looking for recommendations on the best buy for the money. Not looking to give up the day job to get into photography, so I don't need all the bells and whistles, but I want something that will last and take quality pics.
  18. K

    FS - 2001 4dr Dodge Neon

    5 speed, 4 dr (dark green) 100,000 kms am/fm/cassette/4 disc cd changer new brakes - fall 2008 emission tested - November 2008 Looking to get rid of one of our cars. I purchased this new in May, 2001 and it has been well looked after since I bought it. There are a few small...
  19. K

    HELP - Stripping Wallpaper

    I'm in the process of taking off the sea grass wallpaper (WTF) in what will be our nursery. I have a power steamer which is helping get the actual wallpaper off, however I'm left with a lot of the backing on the drywall. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get the little...
  20. K

    Let The Christmas Sales Begin

    So I took this afternoon off work to get a jump on some Christmas shopping here in KW. Let me start by saying the stores were rammed. For 2pm on a Friday afternoon, I couldn't believe how many people were out and about. If this is any indication of the madness to come, I don't want any part...