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    2015 TFC Tickets for sale

    Hey Tribe... We've been good to each other in the past - let's see if the magic continues: Day Date Time Vs Season Wednesday 5/13/2015 TBD Montreal Champions League Saturday 5/30/2015 5:00 PM San Jose...
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    2 x Kids in the Hall tickets - Sat April 25th $100

    Hey Tribe - bought pretty good seats to see the Kids in the Hall this Saturday April 25 at the Danforth Music Hall. It's the 10 pm show - Orchestra Row M. Forgot we had a wedding to go to so can't make it. Ticket price is $117, selling for $100 obo. pm or reply Thanks for look'n, good...
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    Free Rear-Projection HDTV

    So I'm jumping on the "flatscreen" bandwagon and as soon as my new 4k is delivered I will have no need for my current tv: 30" Samsung Taunts Remote included Stand included this is what it looks like (same stand too): Still in great condition, will probably last another 10 years...
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    TFC vs Vancouver - Wednesday May 7th

    Hey all... I'm out of the country next week so looking to get rid of my tix. It's the Canadian Championship series vs Vancouver (prelude to the CONCACAF Champion's league). Section 119 Row 16 Seats 21+22 $25/pair - can be emailed. Thanks for looking! Dan
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    Robert Babicz @ Footwork

    Wowsers!! That was freaking amazing - what a set! Been listening to his latest productions as well as podcasts and he's been nothing short of amazing. Such an original sound. His set started at 2 am, but didn't really get into it until 3ish when it thinned out a bit. With all the pushing...
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    Camera Repair Help

    Hi Tribe.. looking for some advice from some photographers here... I dropped my Canon EOS D20 and it's no longer working properly. It still turns on and it will still auto-focus with a lens on it, however it won't take a picture. Also, the lcd screen does not work. I went to the Canon...
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    TFC Tickets

    Hey Tribe, I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of my tickets this year, starting with this Saturday's game vs Houston @ 4 pm. If you're interested in this or other games just let me know. A few games are spoken for but I'd be willing to let go of most of the rest. Here's an idea of where my...
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    Hey Tribe..... planning an almost-last-minute honeymoon to Tanzania for about 2 weeks in early March.... Anyone have any good info that they'd like to share? I'm doing tons of research online but there seems to be so many bloody tour operators and options.... Would be nice to hear of...
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    2 X Amon Tobin tickets

    I have 2 extra tickets for the show tonight... selling @ cost OBO - $40 each PM or reply. Thanks! d
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    Mathias Tanzmann Boat Party - Anyone go?

    A bit upset I missed this and I can't find any reviews anywhere. Anyone go? I betcha Tanzmann+sunshine+air show > cottage traffic.
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    8000 Classical LPs for sale

    Hi Tribe, Just thought I'd post here and see if anyone was interested or had good info on how to get 8000 records sold. They belong to a friend of my dad's that no longer needs them, primarily due to health reasons (he's keeping his 12 000 classical CD's though). Needless to say he is a...
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    Wednesday night TFC tickets for sale

    Hi all... Trying to get rid of my Wed night TFC tickets: July 11 July 18 Aug 15 $40/pair (cost) obo Section 119 row 16 seats 21+22 - right beside the supporters section. Thanks for looking... d
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    Landlord/tenant help - Interest owed on last month's rent

    Hoping someone can answer this: How do you calculate interest on last month's rent? I checked the Ontario tenant's site but can't really figure out the math. I paid $950 about 5 1/2 years ago. I've heard I get back anywhere from $90 to close to $500.... I have a good feeling my landlord...
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    TFC Tickets vs Montreal May 9th

    Hey... selling my tickets again. Can't do Wednesday night games. Wednesday May 9th vs Montreal (Canadian Championship Tourney) Section 119, Row 16, Seats 21+22 (on the aisle) this is a good idea of the view: Toronto FC As always, selling at cost - $40/pair. Thanks for looking, d
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    Frankie Bones

    <dusts off glow sticks, practices PLUR handshake> Think this could be fun. I like the idea of the new warehouse venue. Anyone heard F Bones lately? What's he like?
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    TFC tickets for sale

    Trying to sell my tickets to Saturday's game vs Chivas @ 4:30 pm... 3D view from seats: Toronto FC Section 119 Row 16 Seats 21+22 (aisle) - $42/pair (cost) Good seats near the supporters... usually standing only in my section too. PM or reply if interested. d
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    The Karaoke Music Video Industry

    I was out last night for a friend's birthday party at a karaoke bar, the same one we've celebrated her birthday at for years. Every time I go I am extremely curious about the whole industry behind the making of the videos. It must be a huge industry with many people involved when you consider...
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    Mad Hatter Birthdays Parties

    The Grid TO | Down the rabbit hole This article couldn't be more true... I have images of whipped cream fights on the cold wet concrete of some eerie basement and shopping cart bumper cars in narrow hallways. I too (as did the author of this article) wasn't really quite sure what was real...
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    TFC vs Salt Lake - Saturday Aug 13

    Hey... Selling my pair of TFC tickets yet again since I won't be able to make it... $40/pair (at cost) here's the view from the seats: Toronto FC Section 119 Row 16 Seats 21+22 (Aisle seats) The seats are close to the supporter's section (actually technically in the...
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    Looking for new headphones

    I need to replace my headphones and seeing if there's any recommendations... I usually get a cheap pair of Sony or Panasonic and just replace them when they break, usually about every 18 months or so... this is what I'm used to: I usually find them for about $20 at a computer...