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    Driving to New York/new Jersey from Toronto

    i just did the journey this past weekend. went over the lewiston-queenston bridge, across to syracuse and down to NYC. Fairly painless. a bunch of construction on the interstate highways but no major delays. Just be careful on the way home, the wait at the bridge crossing at...
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    Any furnace/HVAC techies here?

    make sure that one blows while the other sucks. they should do so with about the same amount of force. are the vent pipes close to the furnace and without many bends? it's possible the pipe drag is too much for the burner to suck or the blower to blow.
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    What's the longest pee you've ever done?

    too bad Tum beat you with 1.3L? i could only muster 900mL but, really, whos counting
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    what cell phones service providers use gsm system? and other questions

    it's a good chance this is locked to Bell and you have to pay them roaming fees. I'd suggest what OTIS mentioned, as long as you're happy with Telus - buy an unlocked quad-band GSM phone and pick up a pay-as-you-go SIM while you're in SA The only GSM provider is Rogers. Fido falls under them...
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    Good to know: ATM Distress Call

    what if the robber was nigerian?
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    Nobody Cares...

    must be nice to come back to the company you quit, after cashing out in the company stock, in this. to 'show' your former collegues just how rough it is not being with the company (or any company) anymore.
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    question re: credit rating & increasing yr card limit

    i found it annoying when they kept changing it randomnly and for odd amounts - 12700, 13400, 17100. i called them and said to stick it at $15k to make it easier when i look at the statements to figure out how much i have spent and how much to pay back (PC mastercard online statement is annoying...
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    Rain Yes! Internet.. no?

    when it rains, it pours. when's the housewarming?
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    getting rid of a wasp's nest

    or you can always get a nice african american, hispanic or asian family to move in next door and that should evacuate the nest fairly quickly.
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    getting rid of a wasp's nest

    Raid Foaming Wasp killer always works for me Wait until dusk (after 8/9pm) so the wasps are slow or sleeping. and foam the shit out of the nest. if it's one of these exposed 'honeycomb' type ones: it's easy to get rid of as there aren't as many wasps and one coating will keep them away long...
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    Corn on the cob

    The stuff you see today is from the u.s. and picked too early, so it's small and tasteless. Ontario corn usually comes out in the middle of summer and is best bought on the side of the road, or from a farmers-type market.
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    Microsoft Unveils Revolutionary Interface: The Surface Computer

    i believe the multi-touch aspect was developed at NYU by Jeff Han: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/65 not by apple or microsoft
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    Furniture-- where to buy??

    Every table purchased is made from scratch, so if you want a few things changed it's fairly easy to do. We had the skirting shortened so that the end chairs (with arms) could fit under, they had to mod the chairs slightly as well but it was all without added cost. Take a run out there, you...
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    Furniture-- where to buy??

    screw leons/brick/eq3/etc... it's crap from china Buy a quality solid wood table that'll last forever from our mennonite friends. I picked up a solid maple shaker table, two 12" extensions, six maple chairs with microsuede seats all for about $2500. since it's real wood you can easily match...
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    outdoor wedding suggestions

    you can't have it at the granite club?
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    mortgage news

    pfft.... you can only get two fountains and not three in the front roundabout and would need formica instead of granite in bathrooms 8, 9 and 10. and that's just the beginning...
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    Casio Cameras your opinion of them?

    you'll get better answers here: http://www.dpreview.com/
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    Home Beautification and Home Renovation

    get someone to dig and place the posts (mr post or something like that), everything else is very much doable yourself over a weekend. make sure you have the proper tools (corded drill not cordless, power/table saws, etc) as that'll help speed things along.
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    Indoor Plants

    Ikea sells furniture not plants. If you're unsure about which plants to buy and how to take care of them go to a nursery - they are very helpful at choosing the right plants given your space.
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    Is Microwaving your food actually safe?

    please explain.