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    FS: Nintendo GAME CUBE in Box w/ 1 Controller! $50 CHEAP

    I have a Wii now! Yay. So up for sale is this Nintendo GAMECUBE, in box. Comes w/ everything it was originally packaged with, and one controller. In great working condition. $50 cash pick up only, North York area. email: mintyfresh.closet AT gmail DOT com
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    WANTED: Zelda: Twilight Princess for Gamecube

    Looking for the Nintendo GameCube version of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Prefer new and unused, but I'm flexible. Looking to pay $40 flat. Thanks! :)
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    FS: Authentic ROCK & REPUBLIC Scorpion jeans in Dark Trick, size 26

    Authentic Rock & Republic Scorpions in Dark Trick. It's a rare and beautiful wash, with match well with the coppertone buttons. They are very flattering and in immaculate condition. But since I don't reach for this one very often, I'm putting this one up for sale. Photos from Bergdorf...
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    FS: FREE FREE FREE!!! Streetwear/Cyber-y stuff.. Modrobes Luscious FDCO Guess FREE!

    Everything is FREE to a good home!! I don't wear them anymore but hopefully someone else can .. if you've bought from me before and I didn't email you, please let me know and I can give you first dibs :) Stuff available: Luscious Jeans - Big beat denim size 2 Luscious Jeans - darker denim...
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    FS : New BCBGirls Gold Leather Shoes Heels 37.5

    Here are a pair of super cute BCBGirls heels, size 7.5B (37.5 euro)... they are new and unworn! Genuine leather upper, with peep toe and ankle strap. Very comfy, with a lightly padded footbed. Great paired with designer jeans or a nice dress. $50 PM me here or email me at mintyfresh.closet @...
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    FS - 100% authentic BURBERRY halter style bikini size S

    Hi girls... help me out please :) I'm trying to get rid of a 100% authentic Burberry bikini bought from Bloomingdales, halter style. Ties at neck and back. Size Small. Will let it go for $60 Worn once but is in pristine condition. It was used once on the deck of a cruise ship. It has never...
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    Getting numbers at a club can happen w/ no sexual intentions - True or False?

    When someone asks for your number at a club, does that automatically mean they are only interested in sleeping with you? See, I happen to believe that you can meet people at clubs who you can can become just friends with. It's egotistical to assume everyone who talks to you wants to bone you...
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    FS: $15 SALE!! LUSCIOUS, FICTION 416, SNUG, FIDEL, LITHIUM!! Everything only $15! :)

    Okay I'm in desperate need of more closet space.. I really really want to get rid off this stuff that I don't wear anymore, so I am letting them go dirt cheap. EVERYTHING is only $15! Please take them!! :) REPOST: Everything that didn't get sold before is here at a reduced price, and I'll add...
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    Much Music Video Awards 2006

    I saw the first 15 minutes or so before I had to leave... anything interesting happen? The highlight for me was the homemade "PARIS HILTON IS A DIRTY WHORE" sign being waved when Paris was walking down the red carpet at the MMVAs today. Best. sign. ever!
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    FS: Guido & Mary, Citizens of Humanity, Triple 5 Soul, Ecko Red

    I found some more things that maybe someone else would like :) If you're interested in anything, please let me know here or you can email me at mintyfresh.closet@gmail.com GUIDO & MARY These jeans are super flattering and never go on sale (unless you count the $10 off everything sales at...
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    Cool phones for $300 or less?

    Hi tribers.. my friend's birthday is coming up and I want to get him something nice and useful... his current phone has terrible reception and cuts me off sometimes. :confused: (I'm sure it's accidental) Anyhow, if you have any suggestions for something nice, with a price around $300, that...
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    FS: LUSCIOUS by Rebecca Ford, Fiction 416/FDCO, SNUG - cheap! also Gucci, Juicy, etc

    I have a whole bunch of clothes from back in the day when I was a streetwear fanatic. I spent a lot of money on these (Luscious, Fiction, and Snug were notoriously overpriced!) but I'm selling them for super cheap. If you're interested in anything please let me know here or you can email me at...