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    http://www.bonsaikitten.com/ Who thinks this for real? Don't know if anyone posted a thread on the mini animals grooming before, but I am sick of getting forwards to sign my intials behind the public outcry against torturing kittens....Try convincing my crazy family that this is a joke!
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    May be this is only aired in the States, but has anyone seen "Striparella", produced by Kid Rock and voiced over by Pam Anderson? This shit is such a horrorshow, it's actually pretty funny...
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    Searching for an original score - u can be famous too

    Ok, I know a lot of your here and I know many are awesome producers, I just don't have the time to call everyone: I am researching music for the new Toronto television channel and I wanted to give you guys a chance to have your track heard over and over again by millions, isn't spreading the...
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    Chief Julian Fantino going to Jamaica...

    Chief Julian Fantino going to Jamaica to look for root of Toronto troubles Our police chief is going to Ja land to look for the reason of recent Toronto shootings. Apparently, he don't believe that there is any problem here, so he is going to look for it on the islands. Added bonus: search...
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    Can U Guys Go To The Upcoming Events

    & bump the June 1st Zen Lounge electo series with DJ Godfather & Cryogenetic thread up, thanx much peace out DD
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    This room looks pretty deserted, so I am going to start a toping I am really intrested in & sorry if it has been discussed before, but stick with me & pls voice yourself I recently discovered 2 producers/djs out of Chicago - Stace Kidd & Mazi, both on the same label & both unbelievably good...
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    If u want to see J Majik, Sketch & Code, The Swallen Members & Babu on the same bill.

    Pls go & vote for them @ www.wintergalactic.com peace & much love for the holidays!
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    save the music in T dot - a call to help to all techheads

    It's up to you to help brings some incredible talent to TO i.e. Anthony Rother Murat Kenny Glasgow Kevin Saunderson as Innercity Thomas Chrome .... all u have to do is vote for them at www.wintergalactic.com pls pls help educate people still stuck in trance land that there is better music out...