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  1. J

    Jian Ghomeshi?

    Many if not most of the Iranian people I've met self-identify as Persian.
  2. J

    Electric Island 2014

    So dope! But there is one other event the day before to kick off the summer season... #bythelake
  3. J

    Frankie Knuckles @ RYZE

    anyone who was at this event, I really hope you appreciate that you were at Frankie's last Toronto appearance. I still can't believe I won't see him this summer in the park for Pride...
  4. J

    Jimpster's birthday party

    I'm proud to say this track was my one request from Jimpster. What a massive tune! Another great night with Mr. Freerange!
  5. J

    Brenda Healy RIP

    Even though it's very hard to watch, please watch this video - the love, strength and message shared by Brenda's sisters is a powerful and important thing. RIP B!
  6. J

    dj dan / boxing day

    talked to Dan and he's super excited to make his boxing day debut at FW v2.0. Given the history of the event, the rest of the line-up, and the sound Dan's been playing as of late, I'd say we're in for an old school treat!technics1200
  7. J

    Sounds in Motion

    Enjoyed Coronation Park quite a bit. Though the music in the afternoon wasn't really my thing, it was a very well run event. Easy entry/drinks, amazing sound (using a rig I'm sort of familiar with ;)), great crowd and ran into countless people I haven't seen in years. IMO when Hodges came on the...
  8. J

    Frankie Knuckles, jojoflores, Deko-ze @ 519 Church Street - Friday June 28

    best party of 2013 hands down. the multiple goosebump moments reminded me why I love house music.
  9. J

    Slow Mo House/Disco: Rich Hope - Slow Poke

    In the future please do not release your mixes as podcasts. iTunes is the biggest bullshit piece of software and means many people can't listen to your wonderful mixes. thanks very much!
  10. J

    Electric Island @ Olympic Island

    can't wait! looking forward to what is sure to be a defining aspect of summers in Toronto for years to come!
  11. J

    Sadar Bahar at Kitch

  12. J

    Foundry gigs

    It's great to see such a passionate online (message board!) debate about a recent event. I've yet to check out a Mansion or Foundry jam, but love that they're getting the old fogies arguing on Tribe about vinyl vs. digital. Hopefully they listen to the constructive criticism about event...
  13. J

    get down again - dj dan @ FW

    stay tuned for a possible Canada Day #bythelake announcement soon...
  14. J

    get down again - dj dan @ FW

    so how was the March 2 show?
  15. J

    Sneaks Birthday Beats 2012

    should go off. As per usual for Sneak Beats, all the heads are coming out. Plus we have the extra day light savings hour.
  16. J

    Sneaks Birthday Beats 2012

    Sleazebot in the HOUSE!
  17. J

    Sneaks Birthday Beats 2012

    Full details will be up tomorrow. Brand new venue at College & Bathurst with 2 rooms and lots of space...and BIG sound - this is gonna be dope!
  18. J

    Jiggy Tarsands - The Tropic of Rapricorn [Deep/Disco/House]

    Listened to this set at the beach and it had nearby beachgoers grooving on their blankets - well done sire!
  19. J

    new order

    utter bullshit. horrible choice of venue. and oh yeah, F ticketmaster.