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    Depeche Mode's upcoming 'Tour of the Universe' for 2009

    it says 730, is that when the band goes on? or doors open? close?
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    Tennis clubs in downtown

    thanks but it's sold out
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    Tennis clubs in downtown

    Can anyone recommend any clubs? I live at Bathurst and Dundas and willing to go anywhere a bike ride away. Thanks
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    paris hotel suggestions

    try craigslist under temp or vacation rentals. you can find some real good deals.
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    Skiing in Japan

    thanks all. ninseko it is, cheap flights from Tokyo are plent. can't wait!
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    Skiing in Japan

    I know it's a long shot, but has anyone been? Stuck between going to the North or sticking to the Alps near the centre. Anyone been? Thoughts?
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    bike/car accident, what to do after?

    thanks for all the responses. I am feeling better, back still hurts, but went to the doctor and he thinks it's only muscle damage (though it hurts to breath). Just glad I made it out of that, could have been 10 times worst. I'll follow up to get my bike fix, but i don't think legal is worth...
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    bike/car accident, what to do after?

    After 4 years of accident riding, someone opened their car door on me. I hit his door, flew a couple of meters off my bike and hit the ground hard. As I was in a haze the driver started yelling at me, you stupid bikers, fuck this, fuck that. After a few minutes I got up and made it to the...
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    Nutrition Labelling

    ^^ yes please.
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    Nutrition Labelling

    no i'm importing a product and packaging it here, want to know where I go to get it tested and then follow up with creating a nutrition label.
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    Nutrition Labelling

    anyone know how you go about getting nutrition labelling for a food product? Tried google and only got requirement, not a place that actually does it. Thanks
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    What (house) are you listening to?

    ur a good man
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    OSAP interest relief?

    yeah, but you have to fall under a certain income threshold. try google, there is a chart that lays it out. Hesam
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    Goldfrapp @ the Music Hall

    tried to get tix for this but TM reject. is this sold out?
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    High-end Nightclubs in Mtl. and Vancouver??

    Time, 1234, Globe, Bonne Notte for montreal.
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    BERLIN CALLING!! (the movie to destroy the film festival)

    is it me or does the trailer look uber cheese? kindo like all gone pete tong...but all gone pete was making fun of the scene. this is takin it serious.
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    ontario camping sites...how tight are they?

    thanks. also we didn't book multiple cause it's killbear and it's impsobbile to book multiple
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    ontario camping sites...how tight are they?

    no, will still have one car...just two tents for 4 plls. smaller tents.
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    ontario camping sites...how tight are they?

    i have a site for "4 people" "1 tent". are they tight on this? is it enforced?
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    Ordering Contact Lenses Online

    i've been doing it for a few years...all good no worries. Only caveat is they have like 15-30 days guarantee. So if you buy at 6 months worth, and on the 2nd month yo have a defect product, you can't get a refund. But if you do the math, optometrist prices are still a jack and defect...