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    LF: Fake Pimp Globets

    Hey Tribe. I need help.... again. I have a friend at work who's doing a Jack and Jill tomorrow. They are looking for fake pimp goblets as accessories. Plastic ones preferably. Can anyone recommend somewhere between downtown and the East end? :confused: Thank you!! missx
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    Berkley Church: Any Feedback?

    My friend at work is considering booking the Berkley Church (Feildhouse Room)as a wedding venue in the summer. Has anyone ever held any formal functions here? Was there a/c? What was the food/service like? Any positive/negative reviews? Ect?? Thanks guys! baconpan
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    Another Site To Waste Time At Work!!

    Make your face!! A co-worker showed me this site. Awesome way to kill time. You basically make faces for fun! It reminds me of profile sketches from the police. You can save your face when you are done and look through the different faces in the search button. I saved my face: I named it miss x.
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    Attention Chocoholics!!

    Sooo there is a new chocolate shop on Queen Street (east end) that opened up yesterday! It's called Ambiance Chocolat and they make the bestest chocolate. I went there today and bought some to give away at Christmas. I have already managed to stuff my face today.. I am so happy that there is...
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    Where Can I Find Popples?

    I have a friend who is looking for a popple toy for his g/f. He would preffer if it was from the 80's, but a new 'generation' one is ok too. BUT it must be in a box. Does anyone know where to buy vintage toys online or in real life? THANKS!!! baconpan
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    The Man Whose Arms Exploded

    Did anyone watch this documentry last night TLC? I can't believe this could actually happen. I am giving you all heads up: this is really gross!! :eek: Watch part of it here!!!
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    Themed Hotels/Motels

    Does anyone know of any themed hotels/motels? Has anyone ever been to one? What kind of room did you stay in? I was thinking of checking one out, but I can't seem to find much in my internet searches (within the province). I came across one great hotel, with pretty cool rooms but it turns out it...
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    Space Bag Commercial With Fake Fish

    Has anyone seen that (annoying) space bag commercial? Anyone notice that he has a fake shark floating in a tank behind him?? WTF? :confused:
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    I Found A Mac, Now What?

    What would you guys do if you found a Mac computer? Would you bother trying to find the owner? Someone left a nice fairly new Mac in my works parking lot. I don't have any cables here to see if it works, but it seems in great condition. I don't drive, so lugging it home is not practical at te...
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    Dude With That Baseball

    Can anyone explain to me how the dude that caught that famous baseball is getting taxed on it? How is that possible?? :confused: Source
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    "Assembling A Galaxy" @ DX

    Source Anyone gonna go see this exhibit?? I am so checking this out!! :cool:
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    Scratch Card Codes

    I got a scratch card a while ago (Bingo) and I finished scratching it, and I didn't think I won, but then I scratched the top part, and I didn't get the two triangles. I got two letters instead. So I am guessing I messed it up somehow or something. I will take it to the store to get scanned...
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    Cell Phone Screen Cover Stickers

    You know when you get a new cell phone and they put that clear sticker on the screen to protect it? .... :mad: Well, I got a new cell phone yesterday. And I went into work today and this one guy peeled it off this morning and I lost it. He didn't think I would 'mind'. He tried to put the...
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    Funny >> Google Map

    Heehee I got this forward, and I did it. And step #24 IS actually funny! :D
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    Lindsay Lohan coke video

    My Very Own LiLo Thread!! I know I got this story off the superficial, but I love reading smutty news sometimes, and its even better when its about smutty sluts names lindsay lohan. story: http://thesuperficial.com/2007/05/lindsay_lohan_caught_snorting.php
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    New Film Studio In West End! Wootwoot!

    So I guess the west end is no longer gonna be just ghetto, its now gonna be ghetto fab-hollywoodious! Yeah Right, wishful thinking!! http://www.thestar.com/Business/article/203065
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    Queen & Carlaw: What Happened??

    WTF is going down on Queen & Carlaw? There was cop cars, an ambulance. Soemone told me someone was being taken away in cuffs, and I think an accident? The streets are half closed off, and a thousand street cars backed up one after another. Did someone get shot or something??? :confused:
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    Baby Seamonkeys

    So I got a seamonkey kit for valentine's day. You are suppose to put this stuff in the water for 24 hours, and then add the seamonkeys 24 hours after the water stuff. And then every 24 hours you are suppose to take the water in the container and pour it back and forth a few times with a cup to...
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    Mr. French's New Cousin....?

    Holy smokes! This guy is so pretty! story Vijay Joshi, AP Published: Thursday, March 15, 2007
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    My Sister's Water Broke In The Mall!!

    So here is my awesome story of the month: I had the day off today, and decided to spend it with my sister. We went to the mall to get her little one's hair cut and have lunch after. Well, we got to the mall and Oliver got his haircut, and then as we are walking to the food court, her water...