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  1. Z

    Mel's Diner & Taboo Nightclub fire...

    Poor Sugar Mountain. All that sugar was probably one hell of an accelerant. I miss Mel's cheap breakfasts...I wonder where all the bleary-eyed hungover students are going to eat now?
  2. Z

    Does anyone want to adopt 2 turtles?

    I'll take them. :)
  3. Z

    K-W Area

    I'm finally leaving this place..... But, you can always hit the Purple Room on Friday nights. The Fresh guys are starting things back up for September.
  4. Z

    Dumb question about the Numark TTX1's?

    The pitch control and the speed buttons are modular. So you can place the decks in either standard or battle mode and still have the pitch slider moving vertically. As for the tonearm, it's replaceable. The TTX1 comes with both a short straight tonearm and a S-curved arm depending on...
  5. Z

    Need help - XP Pro Install Problems

    Thanks for the help guys. Guess I'm going to have to finally ditch my ghetto graphics card. :)
  6. Z

    Need help - XP Pro Install Problems

    Okay, so here's my problem... Just got a new Athlon 2000+ XP CPU with an ECS K7S5A Mobo (yeah...I cheaped it a bit), reformatted the HD and installed a copy of XP Pro Corporate SP1. However, the system seems to be crashing whenever the graphics card tries to go through a resolution change...
  7. Z

    Tubesock's Toejam - Breaks tonight @ 10pm on 97.1 Unity FM

    This is a reminder for all Waterloo Breaks fans to tune into 97.1 Unity FM tonight at 10pm for another installment of DJ Tubesock's Toejam. Breaks, Breaks and more Breaks for your listening pleasure. Call the studio at 584-5320 for requests and shouts. Proper Pirate FM Radio for the...
  8. Z

    State of Bass Tonight @ 10pm-DnB on 97.1 Unity FM

    This is a reminder for all Waterloo Junglists to tune into 97.1 Unity FM tonight @ 10pm to tune into another edition of State of Bass. DJ's on the night are: Zenmaster Chi and D-Primitive There's also a special CD submission from DJ Doktah straight out of Toronto. Pirate...
  9. Z

    McD's lawsuit dismissed

    hehe...fatty mcfat fat.... :D
  10. Z

    97.1 Unity FM - Pirate Radio lands in Waterloo

    Massive respect to the Cord for giving us some coverage. It caught my off guard to see our masked faces on the front page of the university's paper. I wonder what Radio Laurier thinks about us getting better coverage then them? :D But Otis is right...The Free Radio Movement doesn't...
  11. Z

    97.1 Unity FM - Pirate Radio lands in Waterloo

    Full throttle although it's not as high as I'd like. We cover almost all of Waterloo and sneak down into Kitchener. Car radios work best simply because the antennas are outdoors, but the sound quality of the Veronica TX is nice...and it's in stereo. The complaint driven system works in...
  12. Z

    97.1 Unity FM - Pirate Radio lands in Waterloo

    yeah...I snagged a Veronica 30w TX off of ebay this summertime from a guy in Halifax. He included at a 5/8 wave antenna and loads of coax. It was a steal considering the crazy amount that Veronica charges for a TX alone. The broadcast frequency will be 97.1 FM. ez...
  13. Z

    97.1 Unity FM - Pirate Radio lands in Waterloo

    *begin transmission* The Radio Revolution has begun. On January 15th @ 10pm, Unity FM will begin its first broadcast on 97.1 FM on your radio dial. Featuring various artists from the Waterloo area, Unity FM will strive to provide quality urban electronic music to the masses . Our roster...
  14. Z

    Final Scratch ... damn....!

    I think that a lot of people are missing out on the fact that there hasn't been much research into new forms of electronic distribution. It's hard to say how to make MP3 distribution completely secure but lets be realistic, CDJ's didn't kill of the electronic music industry, why would Final...
  15. Z

    Bands You Miss

    It's just Jerry Only and a bunch of dudes now....pretty weak. They were pretty solid when Michale Graves and Dr. Chud were in the band but after Famous Monsters it all fell to pieces.
  16. Z

    Bands You Miss

    The Misfits either pre-95 or post.... Jerry Only on his own does not constitute a real band. Fear Factory was dope too...but I really didn't feel Digimortal. Powerman 5000 was kicking too when their first album came out...although they may still be around.
  17. Z

    Joe Strummer dead at age 50

    I thought it was odd that I didn't see a post on the board. It's a shame that it was already relegated to the second page. Shitty day nonetheless.
  18. Z

    Joe Strummer dead at age 50

    Taken from CNN.com http://www.cnn.com/2002/SHOWBIZ/Music/12/23/obit.strummer/ (CNN) -- Joe Strummer, the lead singer for the landmark British punk band The Clash, has died at the age of 50. Strummer, who was the band's guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and sometime frontman alongside Mick...
  19. Z

    Who's still up???

    ^^^ Hey man...what's up? I'm guessing by now you MUST be asleep. Alas, I still have a ways to go.... fucking all nighter on a Saturday night. Where's the justice I ask...where is it? :)
  20. Z

    Who's still up???

    still typing....