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  1. J

    PHARCYDE @ Yonge/Dundas square

    what a treat for all the old hip-hop heads! Over an hour and a half of jam after jam, lots of crowd interaction/participation, all the big hits. unfortunately Fatlip wasn't there, but the rest of the group were so good filling in for him you almost didn't notice. TONS of skunk in the air...
  2. J

    LF: lighting/visuals tech for events

    looking for someone with the creative skills and visuals/lighting gear to add visual flavour at our outdoor summer events when our regular guy can't make it. Send me a PM to discuss the details. thanks!
  3. J

    The Weeknd

    Lovin this guy's sound, some next level R&B fusion...super-tight production on a sort of Portishead vibe. Grab his debut album for free. And check out the Robo-chop video for Glass Tables on youtube. The Weeknd
  4. J

    Sell me a microphone!

    Does anyone have a mic they'd like to sell? Nothing fancy, just something good enough for PA announcements. Must be durable and have XLR connections. let me know!
  5. J

    Animated GIF question

    already asked this in the Animated GIF thread, with no luck: anyone familiar with any easy way to play loops off animated gifs, either off a laptop or (hoping!) usb flash drive? I'm hoping to have a projector running at an upcoming event, playing loops of various animated gifs. if someone...
  6. J

    Making cheap cellular calls to Canada from overseas

    In my travels in Asia I've run into people using various services which allowed them to make and receive calls to and from home (Europe and NA) for super cheap using a variety of services. Some were callback deals, others involved texting, some used a pre-paid SIM card. For the life of me I...
  7. J

    blogto discovers twitter

    I thought this might be of interest to some people on Tribe. ;);) Way to go guys! http://www.blogto.com/tech/2009/06/fake_anne_mroczkowski_twitter_is_lolicious/
  8. J


    I'm heading out to Indo for almost a month in Aug. looking for recommendations for places to visit. with over 17,000 islands I'm finding it hard to narrow down where to go. on the list so far is Bali, Lombok (Gili Islands), and Sulawesi. any feedback is very much welcomed.
  9. J

    Happy birthday sugar!

    love Mummy, Daddy, Nonna, Nonno, Wookie, Baby Gentleman, Momo and the rest of the family! Next year you ARE going on BT Celebrations! love, JR ps. we are young, we are free...
  10. J


    Vench and Gleeson, at Temperance - DOPE! Anyone else gonna come down and shake it with me?
  11. J

    Raptors vs. Bulls - JAN. 14

    Selling a pair of tickets for tonight's game: Section 302 Row 3 Seats 3 and 4 Face value is $43 per ticket. I'll sell the pair for $75. I'll be in Parkdale for most of the day, but will be up at U of T between 12-2 if you want to meet somewhere around there. PM if interested.
  12. J

    Miggs review please!

    I usually hate it when people start these review request threads, but I'm dying to hear how the night went! Must've been good and you're all still recovering? Maui? Mariazmess? Watcher? Someone!!
  13. J

    Mouse Recommendation

    No, not the kind that eats your cereal and leaves little turds in your cupboards... I'm learning how to use Illustrator and Photoshop, but I don't have a mouse for my laptop. Doing detailed selections and intricate work is obviously not easy without a mouse. Anybody have a recommendation for...
  14. J

    Private Langauge Schools Downtown?

    I've been looking to upgrade my very minimal Chinese language (Mandarin) skills in the evenings at a private language school. I've found several such places online, but they all seem to be quite far from the downtown core where I live. Plus, a good or even decent looking website doesn't mean...
  15. J

    El Weekend Thread?

    the weekend, like, is here...where's the thread? Fri - run some errands, plan big tings. Sat - work, gym, DJ HEATHER at Footwork! I'm both excited and a little worried about the craziness that's gonna go down... Sun - and the party just don't stop! Mon - continue weekend by sleeping and...
  16. J

    NUKES...and the end of the world.

    funny little flash clip...I thought it was well done, so I thought I'd share: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/end
  17. J

    Tribe, please help me decide what to do!

    So I'm scheduled to fly out to Vancouver earlier tomorrow morning for a few days before heading to Thailand. I was supposed to stay with a buddy there. I just got an email from him informing me he will now be in Taiwan for the duration of my planned stay, but I can get the keys to his place...
  18. J

    RIP Katelynn...

    Normally I'd be the last person to start a thread like this, but given the circumstances and my (somewhat) personal connection to those involved, I felt like something had to be said. Yet another innocent child has died...this time at the hands of a foster parent who should have never been...
  19. J

    First LazyDaze of the Summer!

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the first LazyDaze this Monday? At Satori Supper Club? With Baby Joel, Tim Patrick, Rich Hope, MissKriss and Sage?? Like my main man Oliver says: "OH YEAH!"
  20. J

    FS: Raptors vs. Orlando GAME 3 - one ticket

    I'm a die hard Raps fan, so I bought myself a single ticket when I couldn't find a pair and someone willing to go with me in time. Now my oldest friend has a free seat for me, so I'm trying to get rid of the ticket so I can go with him. It's a ticketmaster print-out deal, info below. All...