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    SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse (3D Connexion)

    I have two 3D Connexion Space Navigator Mice. These normally retail for $75 (+Shipping and handling). I'd be willing to sell the pair for $60 if the buyer would meet me for pickup. One of these hasn't even come out of the box yet, the other has seen minimal (<3 hours) use. I'm selling these...
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    fun little music mapping application

    I know that artist It certainly has been done before. This simple little web app culls data from last.fm - I've been poking around on it for a bit. Maybe Last.fm needs its own version of the digglabs.
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    textures - needed

    I'm looking to pimp out a database of architectural/industrial design textures. I'm on gfxnew.ru but can anybody recommend some alternative sources? Better yet does anybody want to send me stuff? I'm looking for primarily interior finishes (i.e. wood flooring, corian, porcelain tiling, glass...
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    vague terrain 09: rise of the VJ

    Since tribe isn't too press release friendly I thought I'd just drop a quick note in here saying we released the latest issue of VT which is dedicated to VJ culture. The issue was guest curated by Saskatoon based artist/VJ Carrie Gates and contains a whole boatload of work by Canadian and...
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    attention VJ's / video artists

    For anybody working in video, the ninth issue of Vague Terrain is entitled Rise of the VJ, three guesses what were focusing on? We've enlisted Carrie Gates to curate the issue so if video is your thang, and you are interested in participating check out her call for work, or my blog for more info.
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    guy stuff

    Go team boy!
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    alternate version of clear

    I didn't know this existed until now... but there was a promo version of clear sent out way-back when.. that is not quite the legendary version we all know. Check it out at: http://woebot.com/. An interesting listen.
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    google grabs jaiku

    Exciting news: Google has bought Jaiku today. What does that mean? First and foremost, we’re of course continuing to support our existing users. So fear not: your Jaiku phone, the Web site, IM, SMS, and API will continue to work normally. That said, new user sign-ups have been limited for...
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    sebastian meissner interview

    I posted a lengthy interview with Sebastian Meissner (aka Klimek) on Serial Consign today. He's a really smart cat with not only a lot to say about art & music.. but he has really wrapped his head around the business side of things as well. Meissner was onboard the good ship Force Inc...
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    eduardo navas interview

    I just posted an extended interview with Eduardo Navas of Remix Theory on Serial Consign. Please check it out, the discussion covers everything from the history of the remix through to web 2.0 data mashups. [link]
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    A pretty interesting application I've been playing with lately is Meta-Markets. It is a simulated market for web 2.0 social media. If nothing else it will be useful for folks to pretend that their flickr profile views are actually worth something. You can check out the project at...
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    linkage: hawtin interview / klimek new

    pretty great interview w/ richie hawtin on pingmag on m_nus packaging/branding and minimal art. I also posted some links and news about the recent activity of Sebastian Meissner (aka klimek, aka random inc., aka biz circuits, aka 1/2 of autopoieses) on my blog this weekend.
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    x avant

    Collab event Vague Terrain will be hosting alongside the music gallery. We're going to attempt to build a bridge between 21st century drone & classical and minimal. It will be different than anything we've done before. I'll get around to posting it in the upcoming events forum shortly..
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    robert henke feature on dataisnature

    original article One of the more impressive audio-visual events of last few years, for me, was the Nicolai/Henke/Ikeda gig in the Tate Turbine Hall, London, back in May 2006. All three performers won me over, providing very different interpretations of the audio-visual aesthetic. Robert...
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    "youtube" debates

    Any cats check out the youtube debates last night? Pretty much business as usual, but it was nice to see average folks posing questions to the potential nominees. youtube.com/debates Predictably, there was some pretty good commentary on techpresident. I can't believe youtube agreed...
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    worst. app. evar.

    The trailer for this is the funniest thing I have seen in weeks. From Techcrunch. Do you find dealing with email boring? Would your day be brighter if your email was rendered as characters in a SecondLife style universe, complete with spam eating sharks? Were you dropped on your head as a...
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    meek fm

    I came across a weird project this week that some of you cats may be interested in. It is a "typographic synthesizer" that is under development in Berlin right now. I wrote a post about it on my blog.. unfortunately the info is a bit spotty at the moment, but a demo video is...
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    epson r1800 medium format printer

    Hello, I am very sad to have to part with this excellent printer. It was purchased last fall and my girlfriend has the exact same one, so I'm selling mine. These go for approx. $650-700 retail so I'm willing to sell for $375 or the best offer I receive. It is fantastic and can print medium...
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    RSS a go go

    Hey, Inspired by ATP's mild endorsement of Lektora, I was wondering what RSS services people are using. I'm pretty deep into netvibes but in perusing the Lektora features I noticed that it was really geared to republication.. I.e. RSS perusing as part of a blogging workflow. Does anybody...
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    mobile technology is the new black

    The new issue of Vague Terrain is dedicated to the exploration of locative technology and creative practice. It was guest curated by David McCallum and features work by: evamaria trischak, jeremy hight, knifeandfork, marc tuters, patricia rodriguez, sawako, ssim-el, an interview with...