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    Tennis clubs in downtown

    Can anyone recommend any clubs? I live at Bathurst and Dundas and willing to go anywhere a bike ride away. Thanks
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    Skiing in Japan

    I know it's a long shot, but has anyone been? Stuck between going to the North or sticking to the Alps near the centre. Anyone been? Thoughts?
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    bike/car accident, what to do after?

    After 4 years of accident riding, someone opened their car door on me. I hit his door, flew a couple of meters off my bike and hit the ground hard. As I was in a haze the driver started yelling at me, you stupid bikers, fuck this, fuck that. After a few minutes I got up and made it to the...
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    Nutrition Labelling

    anyone know how you go about getting nutrition labelling for a food product? Tried google and only got requirement, not a place that actually does it. Thanks
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    ontario camping sites...how tight are they?

    i have a site for "4 people" "1 tent". are they tight on this? is it enforced?
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    The best camping spots

    I know there are a million threads on camping, but I want one clean thread about the top spots. It's a good time to start booking (5 month rule), wanted to know peoples opinion.
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    Where to buy good Orchids?

    anyone know a good place?
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    remember when house was chicago and chicago was house?

    Derrick Carter Classic http://ezeskankin.com/mixtapes/Derrick_Carter_Dialog_Side_Heart.mp3 http://ezeskankin.com/mixtapes/Derrick_Carter_Dialog_Side_Head.mp3
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    LF: Justice ticket/tix

    anyone selling 1 or more...pretty please
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    danny k, larry hard and frank roger!!

    same night as kerri chandler and king sunshine...what a waste.
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    tax question-living abroad and income/expenses

    i was wondering if anyone can help me...if you lived abroad for almost a year, i know that you have to declare any income you made. do you get to declare certain expenses, like rent?! i tried searching the canada revenue site, i couldn't find much. any help would be appriciated. thanks in...
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    tight minimal

    if you lookin for somethin a little different. friend of mine from stuttgart. pretty tight http://kollektiv9.com/mixes/brendan_haar_mix_may_2007.mp3
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    who killed the electric car?

    this is really really interesting (imo). America is a curious place. http://www.veoh.com/videos/v239296GSJeAk78
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    windows help with error 0x0000007E

    i am trying to fix a friends computer, but i can't do anything. as soon as the windows beings to load i get the blue screen and it says Ox0000007E (OxC0000005, OxF85EB9B9, OxF96D5538,OxF96D5234) A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.... i...
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    London house parties?

    anyone have any good recos?
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    Queen west documentary...

    i remember they were filming something at the real finale of 99 sudbury with May and Heard....anyone know if its out? what its called? anyone got a clip? (yes i admit, i care less about the actual doc...and more about the footage from the party, but i still care overall)
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    best place to be on new years?

    anyone been to somewhere for a kick ass new years...need to pick between berlin, amsterdam, lodon, barcelona, madrid....or somewhere else in europe. anyone? and anyone know where u can get that list that lists every city in the world and the dj that's there for new years...thanks
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    cool video from before...help me find it

    i'm looking for this video that some company in the UK made it and it was the A-Z of drugs and it was really funny and well made....at the end the guys can't get in and he is like call tengalia.....i was sure i posted it but i searched plenty and i coudln't find. thanks in advace
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    Art people need your help

    I am taking a contemp art history course (in french) and I have to do a presentation on a piece by Delacroix, problem is its not his most famous so i'm having a really hard time finding formal analysis on it. meaning, the composition, the use of spaces, perspective, horizon, volumes, etc. also...
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    Larry Levan's 45th bday celebration

    i just got a hold this 4 volume set live from this party. obviously he had passed away at this point and this gathering after his death is done by francois k, danny krivit and joe c. but i can't find any other info like the venue and such. anyone know the deets? know it took place in 1999.