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    Name for the business

    I am opening up my corporation and I would love to hear some ideas from you regarding its name. It is mobile entertainment service such as: djing at weddings, proms, parties etc. I was thinking of "Motion" "Motions" "State Motion" but unfortunately those names have already been copyrighted or...
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    FS: Complete GPS unit

    In Price included: Used (Very good condition) Dell Axim X5 PDA +256 MB SD memory card Brand new Holux 271 GPS Receiver TomTom 5 Software Map for Canada Car holder Car charger This set will tell you where is the closest McDonalds or Gas Station, what is the fastest way to get...
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    FS: 2000 Pontiac Sunfire GT

    2000 Pontiac Sunfire GT for Sale. Highest model in Sunfire family. 2.4 DOHC engine with 214000 high way miles. 5 speed transmission Sun roof Alloy rims, new tires. New oil. New timing chain. New water pump. AC, CC, AM/FM/CD/Cassette stereo system, Power sun roof. Manual windows, manual...
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    Frankie Wilde? Hero?

    Just watched "It is all over" with Frankie Wilde. I wonder how I have never heard anything about him before. For those who don’t know the myth or truth... Frankie used to be a famous dj in Ibiza, then he went deaf. Then, after some dark years with drugs he came back. Made his cd and is back...
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    Music creation

    Ok. I've been to music industry for some time and worked at some night clubs. Here I mixed few cds together and remixed a few tracks. Not bad. Well all that highschool stuff is behind now and I would like to get more serious into it. However, I don’t have a big budget to rent some studio to...
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    Auto Services

    Does anyone know any good and cheap auto services. I need my exhaust, allignment and engine check done. Dont really want to go to nameplaces like canadian tire, midas, speedy etc. Maybe someone knows some good mechanic or a realy good place to have your car fixed. Thank you
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    Help with the name of the song

    Hello everyone. This is going to be probably the dumbest thread you have ever seen, but what the hell. I dont see any other way out. I dont know who sings, i dont know the words, and i dont know the name of the song obviously. It is September 30, 2006 and I hear it on radio statios over and...
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    Night clubs in Whitby?

    I just moved to Whitby, and was wondering if there are any night clubs in this area?
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    FS: iPod Video 30g Black

    2 month old iPod Video 30g Black ($430 value) is for sale. Like new with waranty at BestBuy. Works great, super condition. Comes with case ($60 value) - arm and belt mountable. Retail package with all the wires and software included. Can throw some club music and video ;) Price: 350CDN OBO...
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    Hottest house song?

    What do you think is the hottest "house" song today? I'd say Watch The Sunrise - Axwell ft Steve Edwards I'd love to see and hear what other people like the most. Ill put all the songs into a mix afterwords ;)
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    Looking for a roommate

    Want to move out in June or July. Preferred location - Etobicoke or down town, as long as it is close to a subway station. Any room with private bathroom if possible. Budget <400. not a lot, but possible. Let me know if you are looking for a room in those areas too, or if you know someone who...
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    House - Dj M - House mixdown 2006

    Recently created house mix. Includes some of mostly played songs in night clubs by me. Dj M - House Mixdown 2006 (right click / save as) (132 mgs, 320 kbps) Tracklist: 1 - The Killers - Mr.Brightside (Thin White Duke Remix / Dj M remix).mp3 2 - Dylan Rhymes - Salty (Meat Katie Remix).mp3...
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    I have created my cd, it's all ready for production. Does anyone know any good company that can design and create cd covers for me? Both parts: the picture on the CD itself and CD cover. I always get confused by this words, but here what i mean: - Design on the CD itself and design on the CD box.
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    Dj equipment for sale

    2 - American Audio or Dj DCD-PRO210. Professional Dual CD Player with 4 different scan speeds, 20 programmable tracks and fader "Q" start. A little scratch at the front, pitch has lost it's cap and bended a little only on the left side. A little bend in the left corner. Although, everything...
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    Equipment for rent?

    Does anybody know where i can rent dj equipment in Toronto Area? I have already tried Steves and Long Mcquade. I need: 1 - 2 300 or 400W speakers 2 - sub speaker 3 - AMP 4 - 2 Pioneer CDJ-1000 or Denon S-3000 cd players. Or something close to that 5 - shipping (Toronto Area) 6 -...
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    FS: Desktop Computer. AMD 64.

    Thinking of buying a laptop for school, so I have to sell my baby that I just bought :( CPU: Amd Athlon 64 - 3200 2.00GHz or 3.2Ghz compare to Intel. Ram: 1 - 512 ddr 400MHz Mother Board: MSI MS-6702E Video card: nVidia GeForce 6600GT 128 ddr3 CD Rom DR/RW Audio Floppy SyncMaster 950b...
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    Half life 2 and my computer. Help

    I just upgraded my old computer to a new one: CPU - AMD Athlon 64 3200 Videoe - GeForce 6600 gt Mobo - msi k8tneo2 ram - 512 ddr 400 hd - 80gig 7200 running my hd on NTFS system. When i play Half Life 2 im also running Mcafee virus scanner...
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    Ok, i bought GeForce 6600 GT 128 DDR3... NO DIFFERENCE. i still play on 60fps in cs 1.6 and my nfs underground 2 still goes very slow. Now that video card has to be REALLY good, i guess its my cpu which is 933 MZH Now i want to buy a new CPU + motherboard does anyone know which CPU is...
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    Video card

    does anyone know anything about ATI RADEON 9600 XT 256MB AGP8X Video card w/TV DVI is it better then ATI RADEON 9600 PRO? I just want a video card that will allow me to play cs 1.6 source, half life 2 and undergroud 2 on good graphic and no lags, and yet, dont want to spend 500 on...
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    Music maker

    Does anyone know any software for creating your own music? I have this old version of Dance Machine - you have a lot of samples and you make sound out of them. Although, it's very old and yet, i dont have a keyboard or any other similar product/software to help me put my ideas into music.