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    Open forum to anyone and anything that wants to give loving hate to DIWC

    Dearest Assface, As a result of your recent online attacks you have given me no recourse but to reinstate my cuntness on this forum. Please be advised that further measures will be taken and this will be the first of many online assaults. Much love, Pip
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    your box needs cleaning love!
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    free baby change table

    it's white in perfect condition - you need to come get it by the end of the month otherwise it's going to good will pm me
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    make some $$ - drug study thingy

    i'm sure lots of people on this board could do this study.... they want people who use drugs recreationally and they'll pay ya... 1-800-963-4922 (I think they get you to do more drugs... fun for some :p)
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    LF Tiesto tickets

    are these still available? people from work want to go and are looking for tickets... they said it's sold out? they're looking for 4... but will take 2 or 3 as well
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    computer help with picture/video stuff

    so the worst has happened - i think we have lost some (not all thank god) of the pics of my son from his very early days. however we burned a cd back in January - BUT he accidentially burned it as a video disk... apparently there is probably a way to get these pictures out of this format...
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    Sky Cars available in 2006-2007??

    I thought we were decades away from this?? They will be available 2006-2007 direct from manufacturer - they can reach speeds of over 350miles/hr - and require a special licence to operate. *meet george jetson... his boy elroy....*
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    Congrats to Jamie (Jemz) and Jen on their Wedding Day :)!

    Awww today is your big day - you are now Mr and Mrs Campell :). Congrats you two - all the best!! xo
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    ..."the swan" is coming

    this is the most degenerate reality tv show yet they take the contestants and give them extreme makeovers.. then they stick them in a beauty contest. The title stemming of course from the story the ugly duckling who becomes the swan. Leave it to FOX to take extreme makeovers and make a...
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    Dentists in the West End?

    I need some suggestions for dentists in the High Park/Bloor West area thanks!
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    Happy Birthday Slippery Pete :)!

    Happy Birthday Sweetness :) I hope that you are having a fabulous day honey. It's so nice to have you home... never ever leave again :p. Thanks for always being such a fabulous friend - and always being there to listen :). May this year bring you much peace, muchos love and more...
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    help prevent (and punish) animal cruelty

    Support Bill C-10B click here for more info and to sign the petition http://www.q107.com/station/joanne_wilder_petition.cfm here is more info on the Bill itself http://www.parl.gc.ca/37/2/parlbus/chambus/house/bills/government/C-10/C-10_3/90148bE.html#5 (this will probably get moved...
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    where is the best place to go to get tires? I need 2 for a Honda Civic - just all season regular ones merci!
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    wedding shower gift idea's?

    I'm going to a bridal shower on Sunday and it's themed it has to do with contributing to the couples first's "please find something that will contribute to their FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!" what does this mean? is this for them to use on their anniversary - like lingerie or...
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    Chips, French Fries and cereal :(

    are now know to be even worse for us then before - they are now proven to cause cancer due to their acrylamide content. Chips and fries are my favorite :( And i know there will be some smartass who says everything does - and that's true to a certain degree - but the studies are pretty scary...
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    Saaaaaaaaaasssy it's your Birthday :)!!!

    Happy Birthday to one of the best most amazing girls I've ever had the pleasure of knowing :)! Wow - to this past year :eek:!! I have to laugh because looking back really can't believe the mayhem that has ensued over the past 12 months... PURE INSANITY :p!!!! But I can honestly say that...
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    pic's of saddams dead sons

    ew... I can't believe they released these. I'm not sure I agree with it... only in the US they are on CNN btw
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    wanted 1 or 2 bedroom apartment for Aug 1

    looking for either a very large 1bedroom apartment or 2 bedroom apartment for Aug 1... in the 1300/month range or less Little Italy, the Danforth, High Park or Bloor West Village ideally.... merci :)
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    Dante's Inferno Test

    http://www.4degreez.com/misc/dante-inferno-test.mv I'm really bored and a little disturbed how bad I apparently am :( as if there is only 1 level worse then me??? mine... The wretched King Minos has decided your fate. His tale wraps around his body 8 times. The sweet light no longer...
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    Brt Finary

    empty your pm's mister!! :)