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    Electronic Pickpocketing: reading RFID chips on credit cards

    In the video, they always identify one card per wallet.. I wonder how easy it is to figure out if you have more than one in there. Or if the one that's closest to the reader will be the only one detected. From here:
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    +++beers and beats - deep/pumpin/funky/jazzy/latin/techy/house

    killer mix!! Whatever's going on at the 26 min mark is wicked... thanks for this!
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    The Computer Generated Art/Design thread.

    Here's a few t-shirt designs of our own.. my girl's a pretty insanely talented character designer, she could drop her pen and the outcome would still look better than one of my sketches. So I stick to 3d :D If you want to see some of her other designs, they're all here : shoccoShirts...
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    The Computer Generated Art/Design thread.

    :O I can't seem to find any problems with the shop at my end. I pm'd you to sort it out. And yes, we ship worldwide!
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    Varicose Vein Removal Surgery

    you were awake? oh man I do not envy you. Mine was a naptime surgery. And yeah.. it was annoying, but it's only really bad when you stop moving and get up again.. once you start moving around it goes away. I recommend doing the Charleston. I think I was back on my mountain bike in just...
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    Varicose Vein Removal Surgery

    I had the same surgery..beside the knee. After a couple days it really started to hurt whenever I'd stand up after a few hours sitting down. That lasted about a week and then was just a mild nuisance for another week or so. The blood's simply pushing against a recently closed up vein, so it...
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    **Vancouver** - Powercore Compact + Access Virus for sale

    oops.. price.. asking $500 for the set.
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    **Vancouver** - Powercore Compact + Access Virus for sale

    Just a quick note for anyone out west that may be poking around for a new synth... I'm selling my powercore Firewire DSP unit, and the Access Virus software developped specifically for it. If you're using, or have been looking for a Virus synth..this thing puts out the exact same quality...
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    Happy Happy Day KiFe!

    Happy birthday to the man who loves cats ..and was born to drive stick shift.. vdoo!
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    Long shot..anyone got a spare mainboard with the following spec:

    Socket 478 184 pin ram DDR/400 AGP 8X SATA Chipset must be non-VIA My mobo has recently crapped out, and it's really hard to find anything else than the foxconn 661MX for my specs.. don't want to trust ebay since sellers don't guarantee their condition, so If you happen to have one of...
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    like iTunes

    Anybody know of a lightweight app/winamp plugin that provides the same interface as the iTunes browser? I love the way iTunes lets me navigate Genre/Artist/Album indipendently, but I can't stand all the other crap that makes it such a CPU hog. The library in Winamp 2.9x doesn't seem to...
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    Landmark Education

    Why would I want to ignore something I find so amusing? Maybe I'm easily amused but I find plenty of interesting (ok, maybe not so much fascinating, but that still happens occasionally) stuff on here.
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    Landmark Education

    Whenever there's some interesting discussion going on here and I see a response where a user has done nothing more than post a picture of a band, album, or movie poster featuring a stylized version of the word being discussed, I can't help but think of the person who interrupts a fascinating...
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    Cherry Beach... It ain't what it used to be... But now it is!

    That's because lead poisoning causes blindness.
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    I've been mulling over picking one up, just for the terrain park access.. does anyone know if their park is any good? also, how late in the year do they keep the night skiing going?
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    I really don't understand why people don't like spring/slushy conditions more.. getting wet isn't that big a deal when it's so warm out, you get great edges, it's faster, and more forgiving when you fall. Next to brand new fresh powder, this is about as good as it gets, IMO. Shame about the...
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    Any idea if Cypress plans on a spring skiing promotion/pass of any kind?
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    anyone going up tonight? I could sure use a ride...It's snowy and mild up there!!
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    ::: snowboarding 2006/2007 :::

    yesterday at cypress was rainy, foggy and very wet.. and fun! I've never ridden in such dense fog before, at times you wouldn't even be able to see the trail coming up ahead of you.. some pics.. This one totally reminds me of the end of the Gears of War commercial, with all the glowing...
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    The Eternal Vancouver Buy and Sell thread!

    1 bdrm apt If anyone's interested, friend of a friend has a one bedroom apartment available for rent almost immediately. I've been told it's a great place for the price, but have not seen it myself. Here are the deets: Ground floor 1 bedroom with a patio. $725 + hyrdo 1546 Comox St...