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  1. djglobalkiller

    Rum: The Nectar of the Gods

    sorry to burst your bubble lol! so much to learn about for rum as a category.. DRECON is a great site to see how much sugar or added stuff is in your favourite rum. the fatrumpirate.com is also a great one.. richard seale from foursquare is one of the best guys as he calls out all...
  2. djglobalkiller

    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    good friends with jacob at chantecler, their new menu offerings are amazing. big mac tartar (tar tar americano), royale with cheese, the chicken pate, duck poutine with shaved foie! theyre closed wednesdays.. also hit up the commodore while you're in the hood and shameful tiki too
  3. djglobalkiller

    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    im Bar manager at Miss Things now, but have been involved in building the community up. Started the Toronto Bartenders Guild with a few guys, so seeing that come alive has unified the toronto scene! Lots going on.. Cloak is great Steph and Tao are friends of mine.. great cocktails...
  4. djglobalkiller

    Rum: The Nectar of the Gods

    heading back to barbados to do some more work with mount gay, i will post pics this time.. also building a massive rum program at miss things bar at queen and brock.. lots of private order stuff... if anyone's interested in getting some non lcbo rums and hard to find stuff, get at me..
  5. djglobalkiller

    Tequila: My final frontier

    matt, let me know if you want to go on a good tequila pilgrimage! I have 4 friends that are brand ambassadors for some tequila brands.. if you want to come to a tasting session at my bar, let me know,.. for a good base of tequila, i would start with: tromba blanco: $49 tromba reposado...
  6. djglobalkiller

    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    havent been on tribe in ages! but im pretty involved in the cocktail community in the city, done some good things and seen some praises, let me know if you're up for hitting a night out of cocktails.. any tribers for that fact!
  7. djglobalkiller

    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    went in to bar fancy on friday, (730pm) poon was doing his first shift there since the opening night, and admittedly was a fish out of water/overwhelmed sat at the corner of the bar watching him make food, and then ordered a few dishes to see if it was snack bar/peoples eatery level or...
  8. djglobalkiller

    Coronation Street or Eastenders?

    i still creep, but admittedly like some in this thread, im feeling a bit let down by the show and dont find the time to watch it as much as i used to.. maybe its the producers trying to lure in a younger audience with unbelievable storylines that i have the issue with.. i miss the days...
  9. djglobalkiller

    My restaurant made the top 10 restaurants on DineTO

    yeah thats the ones! actually im more behind the scenes than i used to be... overseeing thew beverage programs for a few places: rock lobster queen street rock lobster ossington bovine club tiki rooftop bar boots n bourbon saloon and a few more projects in the works! mostly...
  10. djglobalkiller


    watched the intouchables .. i thought it was pretty damn good, and i loved the ending!
  11. djglobalkiller

    WestJet Seeks Slots to Fly 737 Jets From Toronto’s Billy Bishop Island Airport

    in the late 90's my dad was working on a massive 66 billion dollar airport near oshawa that was supposed to take a lot of cargo and domestic flights. he designed 3 sites for the project and it was all hush hush at the time.. they met a lot of resistance in the area, and would have to move...
  12. djglobalkiller

    Canadian International Air Show 2013 Edition

    roll call for planespotting tomorrow.. meeting acheron at the ferry terminal for 1145, look for his iconic blue angels hat! then heading to hanlans to watch the show, enjoy some food and beverages. should be a good day and the weather looks good
  13. djglobalkiller

    Canadian International Air Show 2013 Edition

    im in for island adventures.. perfect weather will be good for late summer tanning
  14. djglobalkiller

    Help! Restaurant recommendation for my SVP

    i'd say williams landing for eye candy and some ok food.. patio bar so it has a good vibe rock lobster on ossington ave, im partial because i run the queen location, but the girls there are pretty cute and lots of foodie girls with camera phones are always around tilted kilt is the new...
  15. djglobalkiller

    Toronto police officer charged with murder in streetcar shooting

    they could have just locked the streetcar and waited it out..
  16. djglobalkiller

    Detroit files for bancruptcy

    was there in late may with acheron for the dual indy races.. went urbex-ing? was crazy to see how much of the city is in ruins or abandoned. Really surreal feeling like im in an apocalyptic movie scene. the people, despite all the city's money woes, we're some of the most hospitable...
  17. djglobalkiller

    Pacific Rim? Anyone hyped?

    saw this tonight in imax 3d.. left entertained... loved perlman's character and ultimately figured he'd have a samuel jackson/deep blue sea -esque performance, but i was rewarded midway through the credits :) definitely a maverick vs iceman moment or 2, and had some top gun feel to it...
  18. djglobalkiller

    ask alexd

    i prefere boxhype.com
  19. djglobalkiller

    ask alexd

    hey alex, whatever happened to the hawt girl thread, was it banhammered?