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    So I posted in Nobody cares, but got very little feedback. I'm in town May 2nd-5th, Anyone wanna meetup and hang out? As I mentioned, we did this a coupla years ago and had a real nice time. I'm open to wherever as I'll be kicking around with no real plans(right now anyway) the entire week...
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    Resolume - Eye Candy?

    So...I've always loved eye candy, and jumped into it this weekend for a show(in Saskatoon. great one, in fact). I think I did alright as an apprentice. (Not much for vid to share outside FB). Anyone else dabble with this? Any tips on building vids(or places to grab creative commons ones out...
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    My sister is missing.

    Wasn't sure about posting this though it is in the papers. Since a lot of Tribers are in or around TO...if you see her...please call the number. Police search for missing woman | The Kingston Whig-Standard Worried sick doesn't even cover what I feel.
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    NO!!!! Winamp death impending...

    After 15 years of llama-whipping, AOL shuts down Winamp for good | Ars Technica So uh...December 20th, my 15 year love affair with my media player of choice ends...I guess. And no foobar doesn't have everything I need. And no, neither does VLC. I mean I'll keep using it(paid for pro...
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    Windows 8.1

    Anyone else taken the plunge on this upgrade? I have it on my main...and as for upgrade to the desktop experience, I'm finding it just a little bit snappier. The UI is about the same, as I was totally used to the corner BS for the start screen. Upgrading one of my secondary Media PCs as...
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    Beer and Wings night?

    Anyone up for the 30th? I'll be in the city then...and free after 6. Was good times last time, though I know it's a long weekend n all this time.
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    Demonizing male sexuality

    So I just read something I had to share. It is mos def worth a read. The Danger in Demonizing Male Sexuality Truly, it would be nice to get away from the predatory approach to my sexuality. I have never "gamed"(baited,etc) women...and I agree with this blog post in a very big way...
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    To Do List In Toronto

    I'm escaping rural Sask life next week and visiting TO for some much needed action(by which I mean the sights, sounds...especially sounds). Any places I must visit during the short time I'll be there? Not interested in Touristy stuff...more in the night spots I might not know about, brew...
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    New Year's Resolutions for 2013

    For 2013: 1. Either buy a house in town or move back east. Give up the limbo-life, bite the bullet and start to find ways of loving where you live(I haven't love anywhere I've lived, period.) 2. Get more education(even just certs) and start looking into that M.Sc. 3. Lose the 30 pounds I gained...
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    Traktor 2.5.1/with S2/Bedroom DJness

    Yay! Finally got this working with my S2 without dropouts and/or gigantic CPU spikes. All in the processor affinity, as it turns out. And yes, I've heard the mac fanboy arguments about using a mac for these same purposes. Phooey, I say! :D Windows +Traktor+S2...a decent start fer a...
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    Is there anybody...out there?

    *tumbleweed blows by* Seriously though, it'd be nice to see what's happenin' out here. Seems like at one time it had this and that... Let's bring it back!
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    Dropbox Hax0red

    So this is news since yesterday. I can't even remember which throwaway email address I used for the account I once had...so I'm not affected. Anyone else rush to beef up their passwords? I fired up the 2-step authentication for gmail, but otherwise...m'eh.
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    Raspberry Pi

    Ordered one back in May. It arrived today. What a versatile little piece of kit. It's functional as a HTPC, or just as a box to tinker with. (From my prelim playing around i'm so very impressed!) .....and it's so incredibly small...and cheap!!!