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    **Vancouver** - Powercore Compact + Access Virus for sale

    Just a quick note for anyone out west that may be poking around for a new synth... I'm selling my powercore Firewire DSP unit, and the Access Virus software developped specifically for it. If you're using, or have been looking for a Virus synth..this thing puts out the exact same quality...
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    Long shot..anyone got a spare mainboard with the following spec:

    Socket 478 184 pin ram DDR/400 AGP 8X SATA Chipset must be non-VIA My mobo has recently crapped out, and it's really hard to find anything else than the foxconn 661MX for my specs.. don't want to trust ebay since sellers don't guarantee their condition, so If you happen to have one of...
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    like iTunes

    Anybody know of a lightweight app/winamp plugin that provides the same interface as the iTunes browser? I love the way iTunes lets me navigate Genre/Artist/Album indipendently, but I can't stand all the other crap that makes it such a CPU hog. The library in Winamp 2.9x doesn't seem to...
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    A question for the Wifi heads..

    Is there a way to setup a Wifi signal to originate from an existing network without disrupting that network? Like a USB wifi transmitter or something... Here's the situation: I want to get something for someone which only connects via Wifi. They're currently connected to their high speed...
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    What's a good RAM use monitoring app?

    I'm searching around but I all can seem to find are RAM boosting apps. I don't want to mess with that, I just want a simple, low overhead RAM use meter. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Ikea Jerker Desk

    I've got a three level Ikea Jerker desk (the tall kind) with two pivoting side-shelves that needs to go. Asking $100. This is a great desk for anybody wanting to do..well..anything. it's totally customizable and a really practical desk. BUY IT!
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    chooch's old love seat is BACK! $15!

    It's the perfect thing for small apartment. And it's cheep cheep! Needs to go in a day or two, so please pm me soon!
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    Ableton help please.

    I've been having a blast learning all about ableton this past week, but I have one question: is there a way that I can get samples to play over mulitple scenes? Let's say I have a filter sweep that bridges two different loops, how do I get it so it doesn't get cut off when I switch to the next...
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    How do I open a .doc file?

    I try to open it and all I get is this loud noise!
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    Dealbreakers - The Music Edition

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets this.. I'll be listening to some track or mix, getting right into it... and all of a sudden, there it is, that stupid sound that just had to come along and kill all the fun for me. Send to>recycle bin. It's even worse when you're getting into that track...
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    moving sale. Mostly furniture.. will be adding stuff as I clear

    Armoire and night table set: The sides/trim are a little scratched up from having moved half a dozen times, but it's still a nice, sturdy piece of furniture. The shelves are all adjustable in height and there's a crossbar in case you'd rather hang clothes in it. It's perfect if you lack closet...
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    Uploading resumes/resume banks

    This is a question for you hiring managers/hr people... Do you use the resume databases provided by sites like Workopolis, etc? If so, I assume you do keyword searches of some sort? I've always wondered if employers bother looking around before posting an ad...and if they select people for...
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    FR: 1 Bedrm. Apt, non-basement.. only $750!!! Sept 1st.

    I thought it would be a long time before I'd have to turn my back on this wonderful apartment :( but the west coast calls! I've decided to leave for BC in about a month, and since that's not the usual 60 day period one would usually give to the landlord, I figured I would first try to find...
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    Sympatico problems?

    Anyone else experiencing sympatico problems with Bell Sympatico right now? My access has been on again off again for the past two days.
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    How easy is it to jump from Cubase/Nuendo to Protools?

    I need to learn Protools.. fast. But I'm only really well versed in Nuendo 2, a little Live, some Reason, too. What's the transition like.. is it pretty much the same principle at work (linear sequencer made up of Audio and MIDI channels), or am I going to have to start with the basics? Any...
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    What's your *almostpost* ratio?

    I guess mine is 4:1 I just finished writing up a post that I thought would be a clever contribution to one of the current threads. Then I realized it wasn't, so after carefully choosing my words and checking my grammar.. I scrapped the whole thing. For every post that I make around here...
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    York University's Computer Music/Synthesis course

    Has anyone ever taken York's Computer Music course (FA MUSI 4151)?? Appartently, we'll be learing Melodine, Reaktor, MaxFlash MSP and CSound. I really don't know what to expect in terms of difficulty; on one hand, this a 4th year course, but then, it's the only one centered on coputer music...
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    free vapo

    Does anyone want used vaporizer?.. it's one of those generic cheapo-o's you buy at the mary joo wanna stores downtown. It's missing the hose attachment at the bottom, so you'll have to huff it straight from the bottom, which looks really classy. Or you could pick up some crazy-straws if you...
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    Finally! A non-shoot-em-up game to get excited about!!!

    Masters of their own domain A giant killer has been unveiled at this year's E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Poised to become a ferocious and ravenous force in the video-game market, it's actually about cute little life forms that players create and evolve, brought to you by The Sims people...
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    SD to CF Flash card adapters - where to find in Toronto?

    Ebay is awash in SD-to-CF adapters, but it's the typical "ten bucks for the item, 25 bucks for shipping" scenario. These must be available somewhere in the PC district, but I don't really feel like popping into each store and asking. So, if someone has seen these being sold in a particular...