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    Moving Sale

    We are moving and there are some items that won't fit into the new place -- no matter how much we love them... Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with 3 pot lights - $150 http://toronto.craigslist.org/fur/133685856.html Black Leather Reclining Chair with Ottoman - $75...
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    Element Thurs Feb 26 - Stadius/Murko/Gleeson

    I heard a lil somethin 'bout Tyler Stadius comin to Element this Thursday with Ben Murko and Mike Gleeson... is it true??
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    Element Gleeson/Murko/Redd

    i can't believe no one's posted a review for this... i think i've just recovered from my drunken bliss :p what a great night!!! i showed up around midnight to find the place packed with friendly faces and dancin feet. great vibe -- especially for a cold night in january when most people hide...
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    Element on Saturday

    I'm not missin this!! I heard Mike Gleeson's gonna grace the decks, along with Ben Murko and DJ Redd :D :D :D Good times and sweet beats fo sho!! Anyone know who's playing downstairs??
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    Decks For Sale

    For Sale: 2 Technics MK2s (Black) no covers Numark DM1001X Mixer I'm selling 'em for a friend Asking $1200 for everything PM or email me at purleegirl@yahoo.ca
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    yup, its true...

    i heart mike gleeson. that is all.