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  1. djglobalkiller

    name this tune! track id!!!!!!

    trying to find out the name of this tune... shazam gives me some trance tune, clearly not this one... name this tune? by djglobalkiller on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free http://soundcloud.com/djglobalkiller/name-this-tune
  2. djglobalkiller


    So i follow the news but perhaps someone is following the Syrian situation more closely than me. Just reading up today on the bbc website about how the chinese and russians have vetoed the latest sanctions against syria proposed by other members of the un security council BBC News - Russia...
  3. djglobalkiller

    hard disco help! track id's

    Im pretty good at disco house music, and know most, but there was a time when i had just started getting into it where i knew songs, but not names or labels... there is a new tune out that got me thinking about those old songs i always wanted but never knew the names, so hopefully all you...
  4. djglobalkiller


    someone on the board does digital picture canvasing.. i cleaned out my box a little too much.. who was it, ??
  5. djglobalkiller

    is berber the sultans tent?????

    just got sent an email? same address, same website links, BerBer | Resto - Bar - Lounge - 49 Front Street East, Toronto Ontario ??
  6. djglobalkiller

    BNIB rane serato mixer TTM 57SL

    my friend has 3 brand new rane TTM 57SL mixers for sale... it has serato built into it, BNIB $1600.00 each send me a pm if you are looking for this new toy.. specs and info are here: TTM 57SL for Serato Scratch Live TTM 57SL Mixer The TTM 57SL Performance Mixer...
  7. djglobalkiller

    Happy bday jlv!!!!!!!

    happy bday you lady of leisure!!! may you get all the birthday spanks, slaps, grunts, moans, and groans you desire!!!!! Enjoy your day!!!!!!
  8. djglobalkiller

    devils nite / halloween nite costume gig

    as seen on craigslist 2 day mascot & costume PR job (king st west) Date: 2009-10-30, 12:14AM EDT Reply to: gigs-krvjb-1443821003@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] looking for someone to wear our giant guinness pint costume for 2 days.. the dates are friday october 30th from...
  9. djglobalkiller

    the swedes are monsters!

    BBC World Service - News - Burning rabbits: too cruel a fuel? Thousands of rabbits living in the centre of Stockholm are being killed, deep frozen and converted into fuel for heating homes. The rabbits, which live loose on the Stockholm island of Kungsholmen, are former pets or their...
  10. djglobalkiller

    airshow 2009 edition

    best lineup in a few years!! hoping the weather is stellar like last year!!! www.cias.org for the lineup of performers!! last year a few tribers got together and had some fun.. so i thought id share the adventures with fellow tribers who might be interested in coming out this year...
  11. djglobalkiller

    FS: numark TTUSB turntable..BNIB

    my coworker bought it thinking she had bought another turntable, but instead bought the wrong one.. she paid 225 all in with shipping bnib, i'll sell it for $175.00 TTUSB: THE EASIEST WAY TO DIGITIZE YOUR VINYL. The TTUSB is a unique, plug and play, USB compatible turntable that...
  12. djglobalkiller

    FS: 3 tix, BILLS VS BEARS sat aug 15th

    i have 3 tix for sale for this weekends preseason home opener at ralph wilson stadium in buffalo.. tickets are 10th row, section 126, gate 2(premium gate) i'll also throw in a $5 off parking coupon too! if you look at the following link, you can see where the seats are...
  13. djglobalkiller

    i need a dj for saturday night!!

    i need a top 40, old school, funk, rnb, etc etc etc dj to play at my pub from 10pm-230am.. sat august 8th you can plug YOUR laptop and mixer into our system... if you know of anyone looking, pm me STAT!! includes dinner or 2 drinks, and $$$$
  14. djglobalkiller

    dvd issues

    so a friend bought a dvd from a variety store, of current movies out in theatres etc.. when my friend put it in the dvd player, it worked fine for 20 mins, then got all choppy, and unwatchable... when my friend put it in his computer to try and play it there(figuring maybe the dvd player...
  15. djglobalkiller

    slusho/deep sea nectar

    on a day like today, i crave a slushy/icee/big gulp/etc etc etc where are the best spots to get one in the downtown core (bathurst-yonge/wellington-bloor)
  16. djglobalkiller

    rip bea arthur

    LOS ANGELES — A family spokesman for Bea Arthur says the star of TV's 'Maude' and 'The Golden Girls' has died. Spokesman Dan Watt says the 86-year-old Arthur died at home early Saturday. He says Arthur had cancer, but he declined to give further details. The tall, deep-voiced actress...
  17. djglobalkiller

    crazy weather 2009

    what a wind out there right now!! patio tables are taking flight!!
  18. djglobalkiller

    mint condition pioneer cdj 1000's mk3

    hey hey posting for a friend, 1 year old, used 3 times, for weddings, mint condition pioneer cdj 1000 mk3's $1000 each, firm 2 of them will sell as a pair, or separate, he has no need for these as serato/1200's seems to be his preference. he will deliver to you! pm me
  19. djglobalkiller

    Hail to the bbq 2009 thread

    there done take it and go.... whos up for a barbie on may 2nd?
  20. djglobalkiller

    looking for...

    hey hey im looking to get in touch with TRO, can someone pm me his deets so i can call him. cheers and TY gk