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    Warrant issued for mother of missing girl at centre of Amber Alert- MEDIA BS

    This is one of those cases where you really get a smack in the side of the head for the narrative the media puts out vs the actual truth. Although I don't personally know Allana or her daughter, I do know her Aunt very, very well. I didn't connect the two until last week when the Aunt posted on...
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    Would you open up a storefront in Regent Park?

    Specifically around the Dundas and Parliament area. Like a boutique coffee shop or something akin to that. A friend is thinking of doing this. I don't know much about the area other than it still looks bad but appears to be on the up. He's trying to figure out if paying way more in rent for...
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    HIV Positive Actor - Who could it be?

    This popped up on the internet over the last couple of days. 'Hollywood actor with HIV' story criticised as 'irresponsible journalism' that spreads stigma | People | News | The Independent I know it's morbid but I have to admit i've been scouring the net to see what the gossip is of who it...
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    Dealing with a Narcissistic Boss?? - TIPS

    Tribe, please help! I need tips and strategies to deal with my Managing Director. I've been at my agency for just over a year and about 4 months ago we got a new Managing Director who is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. The client CMO loves him, which means my President loves him...
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    Sumerian artifact found in Bolivia

    A few researchers have mentioned this artifact. I think this thing is super intriguing and the content is a nice change from the usual bombs and pandemics. Fuente Magna, the Rosetta Stone of the Americas - The Epoch Times The Fuenta Magna is a large stone vessel, resembling a libation...
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    Walkout Basement Entrances - Ever built one?

    Our basement is fully below grade but we'd like to turn it into an income suite. To do this we'll need to get a walkout entrance built, which turns out to be a nightmare of a job. I'm reaching out to engineers to get drawing and contractors to get quotes /permits, etc... It's been a...
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    Street Fighter Assassins Fist

    Friday Afternoon Time Waster ..woot! stew :)
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    Questlove: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America

    Not sure if this has already been posted but Questlove has been doing an essay series on "How Hip-Hop Failed Black America". It's really damn good and worth a the read. He's only pubslihed part 1-4 with 2 more coming. Questlove on How Hip-Hop Failed Black America -- Vulture Part 1...
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    How long do you wait to add a client to LinkedIn?

    I started a new job a few weeks ago and I've met most of the clients I'll be dealing with but I haven't added them to LinkedIn yet. I've added most of the colleagues i deal with regularly but not the client. I don't know what the etiquette is? Do I wait until my probation is up? Do I do it...
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    Facebook Fraud

    This is a really good video illustrating that spending money on Facebook to get likes to your pages is totally useless, and can actually be damaging. The vid is 9 mins but worth the watch if you or anyone you know is spending on money on Facebook. stew :) Experiment Alleges Facebook...
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    PS4 for sale -$550

    In box, never been used. $550. I can meet you in the core after business hours or in the East End on weekends. stew :)
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    My childhood is dead......BAAAASTIIIENN...no :(

    This is what Bastien from the Never Ending Story looks like now :(
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    Pre-set Tipping Amounts

    Along with products getting smaller for the same price, one of the side effects I've noticed with food costs increasing are my tip amounts. ...and now I've decided to unilaterally implement a new system. Pre-set tipping amounts. It really all boils down to how much a think their...
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    Amazing Secret Santa Idea

    The Project Manager on one of my accounts decided that instead of buying a bottle of wine, or lottery tickets for her Secret Santa she would do something way cooler. Watch and enjoy stew :)
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    Ghostface Killa's 10 Softest Rappers - PURE GOLD!

    LMAO…Ghostface Killah’s 3rd Annual Top 10 Softest Rappers in the Game List is like reading a black Irvine Welsh. F*ing dying here! LMAO…Ghostface Killah’s 3rd Annual Top 10 Softest Rappers in the Game List! | Word On Da Street Ayo whattup yall its ya boy Tony Starks aka The Black Bolo...
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    Quantum Computing

    This has been in the news for years now but I don't fully understand what it is, other than it's makes processing like a billion times faster. I understand the theory of Quantum physics, what I don't understand is how this is applied to computing. How does this actually make computing better...
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    Anti-Pornography PSA

    What an awesome way to kick off the long weekend. Enjoy :)
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    Surprised there hasn't been a thread about them yet. Even though the old 88.1 was taken off the air I would stop by while scanning the radio. Which happened A LOT because the radio sucks. The past month has been pretty hectic and has involved thousands of km's in the car. The only thing worse...
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    AlexD--please fix these glitches

    Hi Alex, Dunno what updates you've made over the past month but whatever they are they're crashing my browser almost every time I login. please fix.. I don't want to go back to full productivity. thanks stew :)
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    World War Z

    Saw this with the gf yesterday.....a welcomed excuse to get out of the smoldering apartment. It was better than I expected. The initial trailers a few months back had some bad CG and it didn't seem like the movie would have much depth. Thankfully they fixed the CG and the movie had some depth...