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    Fixing Suit Tears

    Ugh, just bought a new suit and I caught a pant leg on something this morning. I now have a half-inch tear about 2 inches from the bottom of the leg. It is not along a seam. Anyone have a place they recommend for good reweaving (or invisible patching if that exists)?
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    Outdoor Furniture

    Spring will be arriving shortly (cannot come soon enough!) and we have a new place with a large terrace to fill! Looking for suggestions on where to get outdoor dining and lounge furniture on the cheap. For lounge furniture we are looking for a rattan set with coffee table. Thanks for...
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    FS: PS3 plus games

    Selling my PS3 (fat model, 40GB) with two controllers (one is dual shock) for $50 firm. Includes Sonic the Hedgehog and I think a couple other downloaded games. The PS3 is overheating (i.e. turns off with blinking red light and not yellow light of death). Likely requires a new, stronger fan...
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    FS: Moving Sale! Multiple items.

    Hi Tribe, I am moving at the end of the month and have items to sell. Please PM me if interested. Pictures and further description available upon request. Modern chocolate brown microsuede couch and chair, 2 years old - $650 2 white w/ dark brown wood frame partitions, 4 years old - $75...
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    Fantasy Hockey Thread

    Going into a keepers pool for the first time. Rotisserie with auction draft. By end of second round I am hoping to have Stamkos or Giroux and Rask. People will probably overpay for Crosby and it is just too risky! One shot to the head and he is gone for what -- 20 games? Rest of season...
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    US Drug War: Beginning of the End?

    BBC News - US to cut back minimum sentences for some drug offences US to cut back minimum sentences for some drug offences The Obama administration is to unveil a major reform of the criminal justice system, dropping mandatory minimum sentences in certain drug cases. Such terms will not...
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    When to sell/trade PS3

    Want some advice on when it would be best to sell/trade my PS3 and games. Some tell me it is best to sell before the PS4 is released. Others tell me that EB Games and other games stores will do a trade in promotion that will likely be a far better deal than anything I would get right now for my...
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    Workout Headaches

    Hi Tribe! Need some help. I am currently on an A & B full body workout routine for mass development: 1 day on, 1 day off, 1 day cardio, 1 day on, 1 day off, 2 days cardio. Don't worry... I am still eating enough that I have been gaining lean muscle. Both my A and B routines consist mostly of...
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    Vancouver Eats

    Hey Tribe, the boss and I are going to Vancouver on Sunday and staying until Tuesday. We are staying in the West Hastings & Seymour area. Any restaurant recommendations down there? We are both foodies but on a bit of a budget (roughly $35-40 per meal after tax, not counting booze).
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    New Crime Bill Passes House

    Ottawa mum on cost to provinces as crime bill clears House - The Globe and Mail The federal government has left Canada’s provinces and territories in the dark about the cost of the omnibus crime bill even as the legislation heads to the Senate for approval. The controversial bill includes...
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    Montreal Eats!

    Hey Tribe, I'm going out with my boss and a couple other organization big wigs out for dinner tomorrow night in Montreal. We're staying in the Rene Levesque/Peel area and they want a great restaurant within walking distance. Any ideas? My experience eating along Ste Catharine has...
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    Tunnel to Island Airport

    Council approves tunnel to island airport - Toronto - CBC News Toronto is one step closer to building a pedestrian tunnel linking the city to the island airport. Council approved a partnership Thursday night between the city and the Toronto Port Authority that will see the two sides work...
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    Inexpensive Cigars -- GTA

    I was wondering if any of you knew of places in the GTA that offer inexpensive prices on cigars. I'm mostly looking for non-Cuban cigars... CAO, Rocky Patel, La Aurora.
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    Getting a cat

    Hey everyone, My fiancee has decided that we must get a cat. We live in a 1 bedroom, 630 sq ft condo. Is this cat, and it's litter box, going to drive me crazy? I've never lived with a cat before. However... I am an animal lover and I wonder if the cat will be lonely while we are both...
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    Niagara Winery Tours & Tastings

    Hey guys, Would any of you care to recommend some wineries that have a great tour followed by structured tasting? I have not gone to many... only Strewn, Peninsula Ridge and Henry of Pelham.
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    Eating Watermelon

    Bahahaha! zMQ6LfyA-0o
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    Song in Wind Mobile Commercial

    Wtf is the name of it? It is inside my brain and the only way to let it out is by listening to the whole song over and over. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9LMTGWlQWo
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    Engagement Rings

    So that time has come for me to man up and get down on one knee. Buying an engagement ring is so intimidating though... especially when I realize my future wife deserves better than money can buy, but reality comes with a budget. I'm looking to see if any of you have independent jewelers...