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    FS - XBOX 360 Pro (20GB) - $150

    I never use this anymore so I might as well sell it. The system is in excellent condition, never had any problems with it. Comes with 1 wireless controller, AV cables, and power. If you're interested in sports games and/or GTA4 we can work out a package for the games. PM me or shoot me an...
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    FS: 27" Sony Wega, Swivel Stand, and DVD Player

    For Sale: - Sony WEGA 27" Flat Screen TV in excellent condition (KV-27FS13) - Sony DVD/CD/VCD Player in excellent condition (DVP-NS400D) - Matching swivel stand with 2 shelves - Original remote controls for TV + DVD player Everything has been very well taken care of Asking $220. PM...
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    FS: Folding Banquet Table (6' x 30") ---- $85

    We just moved offices and we won't be needing this folding table any more. It's in mint condition, with a pristine laminate finish and solid legs. With this table, the possibilities are endless! Price = $85 shoot me a PM, or email to tommysmalls (AT) smahel (DOT) ca
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    FS - Samsung 19" LCD monitor ($160)

    I'm selling my 19" LCD monitor (Samsung 915N) cause I want to get a widescreen monitor. This monitor is just over 1 year old and is in perfect condition with no dead pixels. I'm selling it because i'm looking to get something bigger. Specs: Viewable Area: 19" Pixel Pitch: 0.294mm...
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    FS: Nintendo Wii Package (2 wiimotes, 2 nunchuks, 6 games) -- $350

    For Sale Barely used Nintendo Wii package including - console (in perfect condition, box, manuals, all accessories, etc.) - 2 controllers - 2 nunchuks - Battery charger dock for 2 wiimotes - NBA Live 08 - Madden 08 - Table Tennis - Madden 07 - Elebits - Wii Sports -->...
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    FS - Brand New Iphone (4gb) - Unlocked for Rogers/Fido >>> $490 <<<

    I ordered an extra iphone from Apple last week and my buyer fell through, so here it is. Brand spanking new iPhone for sale. it was only taken out of the box to unlock it using software. It works on Fido & Rogers (sorry, no Bell or Telus). It has wifi, youtube, and all the touch screen ipod...
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    FS - SonyEricsson Walkman phone (w810) w/ 4 gb card

    I've had this phone for the past 6 months and it's served me very well. It is in mint condition with not even a single scratch on it. It is unlocked so it will work on Rogers or Fido. It is a walkman, fm radio, 2mp camera, and a really awesome phone. I'm including a 4gb card. Price = $220...
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    FS - Nintendo wiimote + nunchuck ($60)

    Title says it all. A friend bought these before getting a wii and got sick of waiting for a console. PM me or email me: tommysmalls (AT) hotmail (DOT) com
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    FS: Four barstools ($50)

    Just moved and these FRANKLIN barstools from Ikea are no longer needed in the new homestead. I'm selling 4 of these: $15 each, or $50 for the set. I'd prefer to sell them all at once. PM or shoot me an email: tommysmalls (AT) hotmail (DOT) com
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    FS - Drafting Table with Borco - $20

    I'm moving in a few weeks and won't be needing this drafting table anymore. I believe the surface is 30"x40" and includes the borco. You should be aware that one of the tilt knobs is mangled and this affects how tight the tilt angle can be locked - this just means that you can't sit on the...
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    FS - Canon s110 digital elph

    This was once the best camera on the block for good reason - it takes amazing pictures! It shoots 1600x1200 pics (2.1 mp) which is perfectly suited to make 5x7" prints if you are so inclined. it has a bright 1.5 inch screen and also shoots movies. For a full review, click...
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    FS: Canon i9100 wide format colour photo printer ($280)

    I just finished my masters degree and I won't be needing this printer that has treated me extremely well. Gorgeous prints every time. Here are some specs: * Prints 4" x 6" borderless photos in about 40 seconds * 3,072 nozzles for exceptional speed and quality * MicroFine Droplet Technology...
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    FS - Viewsonic 19" CRT (PS-790) - $80

    Just finished my masters degree, so i won't be needing my 3 screen setup any longer. This Viewsonic monitor has treated me very well, and will surely be of good use to someone looking for high-quality colour output. Specs 0.25mm dot pitch 1,600 x 1,280 maximum resolution 18.0" diagonal...
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    FS - Numark PT-01 (portable turntable) - $100

    This sweet little turntable is very impressive, but it taunts and teases me, so i'm going to need to sell it. I bought it about 5 months ago and it is in perfect condition. It's super tiny (12"x12" x4"), so it easily fits in a record bag or crate. It even works on batteries, so you can take...
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    FS - Wacom Graphire4 Tablet (silver) - $80

    I bought this about a year ago to help with one of my projects at school. Since then i've barely used it, and it's in perfect condition. It's 4x5", and silver in colour. These things retail for $120+ taxes. I'm asking for $80. PM me, or shoot me an email to: tommysmalls (AT) hotmail...
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    FS - Black Ipod Nano - Mint Condition ($185)

    I've decided to upsize my ipod and now i'm selling my 4gb black ipod nano. It is in flawless condition. I put on the invisible shield within the first few days of owning it so there are no scratches at all. This skin has a lifetime guarantee, so you don't need to worry about scratches I have...
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    Free: 3 Kittens !!!!

    Six weeks ago a litter of 5 kittens were born outside my moms house near king city. I've adopted 2 of the little guys and i'm looking for a loving home for the remaining three. These two are close pals and want to stay together. She's orange, he's grey. This guys more of solo...
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    FS: Schwinn "Outrageous" Beach Cruiser - $150

    SUMMER'S HERE!! I'm selling my beloved bike that i've been using to cruise the city for the past 4 years. It rides like a dream! There's a little rust here and there which can come off with a good scrubbing. I've added some fenders which weren't originally on the bike...
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    FS: Kingston Platinum High Speed SD Card - 512mb - $40

    512mb secure digital flash memory card. This badboy transfers 10mb/sec. No longer need it since I sold my Smartphone. $40 pm or email tommysmalls (AT) hotmail (DOT) com
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    FS - Treo 600 for Fido/Rogers

    I am selling my unlocked Treo 600 that is in excellent condition 9/10. It has lived it's entire life inside a leather case, and is protected with a screen protector. No scratches ANYWHERE. It comes with the following: -> Box with everything in it (software, usb cable, headset, manuals...