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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    got an extra Prestige edition of Black Ops of anyone wants to buy it. $185 pm me if interested and if you're up for some black ops'ing - psnid: kevxx
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    Mark Scaife

    he's definitely back and itching to get behind the decks! Mark will be playing @ school bakery
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    Dj Dirty Dale Podcasts Deep House Mixes

    holy shit. i think i like deep house now. technics1200
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    The Pen is Mightier

    haha touche :) legible > the odd typo
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    The Pen is Mightier

    Good thread... It's interesting to see that some people feel it is important to learn cursive. I was never great at printing, let alone cursive and when I had the opportunity to sit in front of a computer for the first time it was natural to me. Since then I have *never* used cursive again, and...
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    iPod + Phone = iPhone

    Amen to that! As soon as I get my 3GS I'll be doing the same... it's on back order though. grrrr... I'm so impatient when it comes to getting a new phone
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    Is the air show today?

    yeah today is much quieter so far... yesterday my walls were shaking it was so loud sleeping in? not a chance!
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    Megabus! Mtl for $1

    Let's not forget how horrible JetsGo services was! I don't miss them at all. They fucked up so many of my travel plans that the company I was working for enacted a "No JetsGo" policy for company travel. WestJet & Porter are my favorite airlines @ the moment.. just wish I had snagged those...
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    Dog Owners Thread

    I don't even have a dog but that was a very interesting read :)
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    FS: Underworld Ticket $40

    One Underworld ticket for sale at face value. $40 Location: Downtown / Liberty Village / King West Contact Kurt @ 416 : 732 : 0264
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    Friday Aug 7th @ School Bakery

    Thanks again to everyone for coming out last night! What a great night! I'd say more but I fear the banhammer :) See you all soon!
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    Ever been on the hippo bus?

    a couple of us were jokingly thinking of chartering the hippo bus for a little booze cruise... it would be hilarious! you can even do a pure 2 hr water cruise for $1200 for the whole bus, which fits 40 people ($30/person)
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    TV Shows That Got Cancelled Way Too Early and Should be Remembered

    Incredible show! I really miss Huff. I have no idea why it wouldn't have lasted a few more seasons.
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    Nobody Cares...

    i live and work in the area and the crowds are just too much, traffic is retarded.. one year it took me 45 minutes to drive down king from dufferin to roncesvalles roadtrip sounds good!! i wish i had a cottage to go to :p
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    Nobody Cares...

    how on earth did i let this happen? it's caribana weekend and i have no plans to get out of the city!! what will i do!!
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    Yeah I'm all over those boards too, and I hard to look REALLY hard to find someone local that would do a good job. If you plan on modding it at all - I'd do your mods and then get a tune. You can probably get Magnus to do it for around the same cost of the AMS flash, but it will be custom tuned...
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    Pretty good up to about 400whp then you'll need a bigger turbo. There are some great bolt on options out there though.. This car is pretty much limitless with what you can do to it. Just need the $$ and time :)
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    Probably not at all - it's the tune that fixes it up. The guys at Magnus Motorsports in Concord are amazing.. over 13 years tuning experience.
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    Stick! I wasn't quite ready to give up a manual transmission. :) I did beat the shit out of an SST Ralliart a few weeks ago though... it's definitely fun to drive but for me I get more enjoyment out of the 5-MT Kev
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    It dyno'd at 258whp stock, 312whp with the parts installed and then 353whp with the tune. So that's a 95hp gain. It also pulls much smoother throughout the rpm range and now hits 27psi boost, tapering to about 17. I need to take some new pics now that I have my summer rims on... I'll try to do...