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    I got the job!

    yes, this is true.... finally.. SWEET... all that bullshit was worth it.... who would have thought........ v..abstractdatatype
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    BPM question

    I guess that would explain why some djs like to mix techno and breaks back and forth
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    Roe v. Wade

    How is that not relevant?
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    Oh you Arabs... so open minded n all...

    Always a bridesmaid never a bride....:(
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    Oh you Arabs... so open minded n all...

    CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- An Egyptian woman married to a man with six daughters from previous marriages drowned herself Saturday just hours after giving birth to a girl because she feared her husband's reaction to fathering another daughter. The 27-year-old woman left her home in Saff, a rural...
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    Strange but True.....

    If Canada's marijuana laws continue in the current direction.. It will be legal to buy dope at the drug store, but illegal to buy smokes... And, it will be legal to buy smokes at the variety store, but illegal to buy dope.. ?!?!
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    Strange but True.....

    The Big Mac tastes better than the Big King... But, the Whopper tastes better than the Big Xtra...
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    Techno At WEMF !???

    Dave the Drummer - more than good enough... :)
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    Old Spice tapes

    Spice was one of the best trance djs in toronto for sure...
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    Rate my new track out of 10 - Again!

    Not bad at all.....
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    I hate Booty, its shite... I love Ghettotek, though...
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    Bush now claims Syria has chemical weapons

    haha.... your hilarious.... bit of a snob... but ok :)
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    Bush now claims Syria has chemical weapons

    Africa doesnt have the highest per-capital wealth in fucking world you fool. What you call FUCKING UTOPIA is FUCKING CRIMINAL in my eyes. Absolutely disgusting.
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    Why do Techno fans all call songs 'tracks'?

    I do this too, but I've noticed this trend is more pervasive in the dance community...?
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    Ben Sims & Richie Hawtin - Electro Tramp: eh?

    I love this mix, I wish I knew the name of the 2nd track
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    rubber bullets in Oakland....

    God Bless America... land of the free, and home of the pelted...
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    The Donald

    Solid night IMO!
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    Interesting American Media Distortion

    Somehow the Americans forgot to mention that they had 41 Casualties/MIAs on March 23. Check CNN, go through the casualty lists and count them!
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    Sympatico FTP problem?!?!?!

    Anyone having trouble with their Sympatico FTP right now? I cant get access although the rest of my internet is working fine. Guess I shouldnt have posted those Iraq bombing pictures huh?...
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    Surrendering US troops may have been executed.

    in summary.... Saddam -BAD War -GOOD well thats enlightening....:rolleyes: personally I'm partial to more progressive modes of thought like... International Law -Good Dumb Texans who cant form whole sentances -Bad