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    Anyone looking to build a PVR for xmas?

    Here's a good starting point: http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=106063 And to actually build the thing, there are many guides available including one for MythTV (the most popular version): http://www.mythtv.org/
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    take a journey with me - london, uk

    I'm standing here in trafalgar (trah-fah-gahr) square thinking of what to do today. I've already pissed in the fountain here, so I need something else to do (the gallery will take too long so I'm not going in there) I've got the full day to explore the city - name a spot and I'll go...
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    :FS: Hauppauge WinTV PVR250 :: Cable->PC Tuner/Encoder

    New, unopened. Intended to be used in a PVR box that I never built. $175 OBO Watch, Pause, Record TV on your PC, in a window or full screen! Digital VCR, too! Record your TV shows and home movies to disk using hardware MPEG-2 compression! High quality MPEG-2 hardware compression...
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    Pop a long pooh...

    seriously, who comes up with this shit? POP a LONG Pooh? Pop Alongâ„¢ Product#: H6866 Ages: 18 months & up Watch Pooh walk along with his favorite bee popper! Cuddly, huggable Pooh can walk at two different speeds and sing two melodies! Requires 3AA batteries.
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    10001stist post

    Why you throw chip?
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    The Tribe® 9AM Shutdown

    I notice this every morning, and I figured it was due to the large number of 9-5ers checking into Tribe® when they get into work ... but I just noticed it happening now. Basically, Tribe® shuts down and it unresponsive at 9am every single day. For just a few minutes it's impossible to load...
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    Game On!!!

    http://thn.com/en/headlines/detail.asp?id=27358] ??? can it be true??? Season saved Saturday? February 18, 2005 The NHL season is expected to be "un-canceled" Saturday in New York. A player close to the talks who asked to remain anonymous told The Hockey News the two sides have...
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    Mac Mini : cheap monitorless mac

    It's now for real. A low cost mac will be available for $600 and $500, without a monitor. It's just been announced at MacWorld in SF. This will translate to about $100 more in Canada when it arrives. So with this, it'll be interesting to see how many converts will now jump aboard the mac...
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    round/tubular shoelaces

    who invented these stupid things? a stupid person? I'm talking about the ones shown here: not the kitty kats, but the laces. THEY NEVAR STAY TIED! FAKC! I have to retie these fukkers every fifteen minutes. I've timed it. 15 minutes. Is there any better way to manage such...
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    Hopkin Green Frog

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    Excel WhizMastARs! Assistance Required.

    Hopefully I've submitted this before all y'all head home. I need some assistance in Excel. I have a column of PASS/FAIL/ACCEPTABLE and I need to come up with a way to tabulate the number of times (percentage wise) these come up. So, a PASS=1, FAIL=0, ACCEPTABLE=1 Total the number of...
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    new imac revealed

    sweet little machine - good for those who just want to surf, play tunes, make home movies, word processing, work, etc. and want to make it work. all tucked in a deeper 17" lcd display. all the i/o you'll ever need/want (modem, ethernet, wifi, firewire, usb 1 & 2, bluetooth). and it...
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    cowboy boots...

    is the new Trucker Hat. jump on the bandwagon boys and girls.
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    best quote evAr

    "in fact, I think The World's Largest Gangbang Part 2 was the best thing that ever happened to me" top that.
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    Microcell (Fido) is no more ...

    http://about.telus.com/cgi-bin/media_news_viewer.cgi?news_id=457&mode=2 TELUS announces takeover bid for all outstanding publicly traded shares and warrants of Microcell All-cash offer values Microcell at Cdn$1.1 billion and provides attractive premium Vancouver, B.C. – TELUS...
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    my computOR problem

    a few times recently, my display's gone all pear shaped on me. I would have a bunch of apps open (outlook, IE, windows explorer, excel, calculator, adobe, etc.) and then everything takes a dump. it looks like the task bar gets reamed to the top of the screen, the screen goes grey, except...
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    contract work - midi ringtone generation

    I'm going to try this again, since I had a few interested but nothing came of it. Basically I'm looking for someone to come up with a few interesting ringtones and notifications for a wireless device. All that is out there currently are top-40 songs and classical. We need something new and...
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    The Truth About Camel SpidArs

    they don't run 25 mph they don't jump on camel backs and devour them they don't secrete über venom they don't squeal like little children they eat bugs they run at about 10mph max they are still big and freaky lookin http://50.lycos.com/040703.asp
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    my travelling thread - SG, HK, CH

    just picked up my ticket today. Free trip to SE Asia for a week and a bit. Off to Singapore for a week, followed by a two day stayover in Hong Kong and possibly China. Anybody have any recommendations for Singapore or HK? I'll have at least one full day in both. Also, where's the...
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    Well, here we are... at the Grange Hotel. Having some schlegals. Waiting for going out to Systems. This place is great! $70 a night, fridge, stove, beds, right downtown. And colour TV! And chinese food delivery! I believe I found my home away from home. At THE...