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    I Hate Spyware Thread!

    I work for the Feds as a Network Admin. And more and more, my job is becoming orientated at removing Spyware for users, trojans, etc.. Fuck I wish the internet would go back to IRC, Lynx and FTP! Just my rant, after spending the past 3 days helping users remove crap! pr0nstar :D
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    Badger! Badger! Badger! PRESENTS!!!

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    For BossHog!

    Real or Fake pic?
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    .oO ( 2005 New Years Resolutions )

    So what's everyone's goals for 2005? Here are a few of mine. - Continue reading more and more - Travel to at least Bermuda, Cali or Japan - Pay off my Student Loans in full and be debt free - Lose 2" off my waist and tone up more - Snowboard as much as I can pr0nstar :D 2005
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    LF: Cheap Eliptical Trainer/Bike?

    Just wondering if anyone has an Eliptical Trainer or Exercise Bike they're looking to get rid of for cheap Cardio at home would be nice. pr0nstar :D
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    LF: Cheap XBox

    If anyone has a used one to get rid of for under $150. PM Me. pr0nstar :D
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    Why did you ban my domain!

    AlexD I demand you unban my domain! is a good domain!!!! pr0nstar
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    FS: Roland U20 Keyboard

    For Sale: Roland U20 Keyboard Asking $225 or Best Offer pr0nstar
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    For Sale: 512MB OCZ PC3700 Dual Channel Gold RAM

    For Sale: 2 x OCZ PC3700 256MB EL DDR466 Gold Dual Channel Some More Info (Not Rev3 Though) Never OverClocked, Mint Condition, Box, etc... Reason for Selling, upgraded to 1Gb of RAM. Asking $200 or Best Offer pr0nstar
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    Moving Sale - Everything Must Go Quick - Car/TV/Etc

    My Old Roommate is moving out of the Country at the end of the month, needs to get rid of everything. This is currently what is left for sale. Ikea ENERYDA Coffee Table $50.00 Dining Room Set with 8 chairs. Oak finish $700.00 Entertainment Center $500 Sony Big Screen TV...
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    Sennheiser Multimedia Headphones!?

    I'm looking for the Sennheiser PC 150 Multimedia Headphones. Anyone know where I can get these suckers? Sennheiser seem hard to come by for the PC models in the GTA. pr0nstar
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    FS: XBox

    Looking to sell my XBox. Just really dont' play it much anymore. XBox Mod'd w/120Gb HDD High Definition Adapter with Component Cables 1 Regular Controller 1 Wireless Controller And of course a bunch of games are loaded on it currently. Asking $475 or Best Offer
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    FS: Logitech MX Duo Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

    For Sale: Logitech MX Duo Wirless Keyboard/Mouse Combo. Logitech MX700 Wireless Mouse with Recharging Base Logitech Wireless Elite Keyboard Asking $80
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    Tribe Pick-up Basketball?

    I haven't played a game of Pick-up basketball since College probably... wondering if any of you guys play for fun anywhere on a some what regular basis in the nice summer months. I'd like to see if I can still shoot at all. pr0nstar :D
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    Bookends - Where to buy?

    Where can you typically find bookends? I mean some nice funky ones... not your typical office ones. Something made of stone or marble, etc? pr0nstar P.S. I hate you all.
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    The Robots R Coming!

    I am going to get timelined? Robots pr0nstar :D
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    Clean your box ... yes you!

    That's what you have to do! I hate when I get this message, really how do you guys get full boxes? pr0nstar :D
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    .oO ( Weekend Thread )

    - Friday work late and start the server migration - Saturday finish up migration, house b-day party. - Sunday recover and make sure migration went fine. pr0nstar
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    Raptors Dancer Media - Discuss

    I have no problem with it. I'll start a new one... :eek:
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    Very Lame if you ask me!

    Thread deleted. Very lame. So much for free speech!