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    FS: Ian Guthrie's entire vinyl collection

    I could be that techno-djing daughter you've always wanted . . . just say the word, rather, just give me the records . . .
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    FS: Ian Guthrie's entire vinyl collection

    an idea hey Ian - OK, I have an idea. If you really don't want to just unload your collection to me (damn you - can you tell I'm serious???), are you considering having a sale? You kinda know me, I'm the owner of Raw Space - that little film/photography studio that's hosted a few events (A...
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    Justin Long @ Viper Insurgence

    first set o' pix filtering thru - compliments of sean :)
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    Kick Magazine @ Salem's Loft

    would love to see photos - i know someone has to have pictures!
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    vipers afterdark piss up.

    On behalf of the venue (raw space), I'd like to thank everyone who came out - great crowd, great vibe! Special thanks to Lee, Don, Gerard and Marinko - you guys were awesome. Happy birthday Rich, and I hope to see you all here again. There's a couple of pics in here that show the...
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    For rent - 1 bedroom @ King & Dufferin

    Just call peoples! It's on a side street called Tyndall (spelling?), and it's a low-ish building, maybe 10 floors? It's Parkdale - the building ain't no condo and it ain't populated by upper-class yuppies, but it's safe and secure, and the apartment's amazing for $650. Now for reals - call...
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    For rent - 1 bedroom @ King & Dufferin

    oh yeah, and there's a laundry room in the building . . . takes cards instead of coins which is really handy. You just charge up the card and wash away.
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    For rent - 1 bedroom @ King & Dufferin

    I can answer some of these - yes, $650 for the whole shabang - no roommates. It is an awesome place for the rent - really big, really nice, close to 24 hour transit, etc. There is underground parking available, but call, cuz I don't know how much it is.
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    For rent - 1 bedroom @ King & Dufferin

    Spacious one bedroom apartment for rent at King and Dufferin. New hardwood floors, recently renovated, big bedroom, living room and dining area, large windows, on the first floor. $650/mo+. Available immediately. Call Jack (416)838-4202. Don't pm me, just posting for him.