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    Watch your dubstep

    Heyo! I made another mix; "WATCH YOUR DUBSTEP", a little more experimental and at times harder then my previous "For Dummies" mixes, all in all still a lot of fun. DOWNLOAD: http://soundcloud.com/nick-kopa/watch-your-dubstep/download OR LISTEN: Watch Your Dubstep by Nick Kopa on...
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    PART 2 & 3!: KITSUNÉ for Dummies (Electro or "Indie Dance / Nu Disco")

    Posting both part 2 & 3 at the same time here because part 2 is a short and quick mix compiling ALL (but 1 or 2) of Kitsuné's faster releases, making the mix a little all over. Part 3 is a little more like Part 1, old and new hits from the greatest record label. Download: Kitsune for...
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    DUBSTEP for Dummies PART 2!

    Part 2 could not be put on SoundCloud due to the first song being copywritten (and automatically blocked) SO Download from: Download - Dubstep for Dummies 2.mp3 - Sharebee.com, the one and only online file hosting distribution service. (Click on any of the mirrored links in green)...
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    HAPPY VALENTINES! Electro MegaMix (11 mins)

    Here's a Mega Mix I originally put together for my friend's wedding. Direct Download: http://soundcloud.com/nick-kopa/robot-ruv-megamix/download Or Listen: Robot Ruv MegaMix by Nick Kopa on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free ROBOT RUV ---------------- ESG...
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    CHRONIC TRANCE - Twitch (Original 1998ish Demo Tape)

    My first ever demo tape, that's right, before CDs! It my idea of Classic Trance "Tunes!". RUSH SIDE: To Download Click: http://soundcloud.com/nick-kopa/01-chronic-trance-rush-side/download To listen: Chronic Trance - Rush Side by Nick Kopa on SoundCloud - Create, record and share...
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    GOTAN PROJECT for Dummies (Smooth Electro Tango)

    To Download click: http://soundcloud.com/nick-kopa/gotanproject-for-dummies/download/ To listen: GotanProject for Dummies by Nick Kopa on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free GOTAN PROJECT for Dummies ----------- Gotan Project - Tríptico Gotan Project - La Gloria...
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    KITSUNÉ for Dummies (Electro or "Indie Dance / Nu Disco")

    Here's the next Dummies installment. Download: http://soundcloud.com/nick-kopa/kitsune-for-dummies/download Or Listen: Kitsune for Dummies by Nick Kopa on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free KITSUNÉ for DUMMIES -------------------------- ARTIST / SONG (REMIX) <KITSUNÉ...
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    DUBSTEP for Dummies

    To Download Directly: http://soundcloud.com/nick-kopa/dubstep-for-dummies/download To hear the mix: Dubstep for Dummies by Nick Kopa on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free DUBSTEP for DUMMIES -------------------------- ARTIST / SONG (REMIX)...
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    Nick Kopa's Bad Ass Summer 2010 (Electro w/ a dash of Dubstep)

    I better post this before 2011. Here is some ass moving electro for ya. http://soundcloud.com/nick-kopa/bad-ass-summer-2010 BAD ASS SUMMER 2010 (Artist - Title) 1. Sub Focus - Could This Be Real 2. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars 3. David Farlow - How Do I Roll [Boy 8 Bit...
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    Advice on a European New Year? (Help!!!)

    Hi Tribe, long time no post. So here's my dilemma: I'm going to France and Netherlands (for sure & most likely Germany) for the holidays. Now I'm looking for the NYE experience that one can only get in Europe, so something like "Sensation". Except I'm not really digging the Sensation line up...
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    Activate Wednesdays - v3/2005

    well good tunes from Sydney, Robb and John! Last week was a mess for me, so I'll probably only be making a quick appearance. Last time I heard Sydney she tore it up. And it's been forever that I've heard the other two. p.s. HAPPY B-DAY J E L O ! ! !
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    FS: 1Ticket: Metric/Broken Social Scene/Modest Mouse - June26th @ T.O.Island

    selling for face value: $52.50 PM or reply here (prefered) or email: info at digitallove.ca Nick
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    mateo murphy

    june 4th - mateo murphy @ footwork I just found out about this. Haven't checked out the club yet, this looks like a good oppertunity. Nick
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    anybody FOAM PARTY is up at System?

    well? I'd be curious to see what it looks like full of foam. Something new to an all too familiar setting would be interesting, no?
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    Metric / Broken Social Scene / Modest Mouse T.O.Island

    Metric / Broken Social Scene / Modest Mouse... - June26th @ T.O.Island Anybody else going? I've never been to the island, should be fun. Nick
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    The Doves @ the KoolHaus

    Went to the Doves concert on Monday night, and was pleasantly surprised, they sounded great live, the vocalist started out a tiny bit drowned out by the rest of the band, but then evened out. The crowd was ok, in my opininon could have been rowdier, but definatly apeciative. Opening band...
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    Architecture - coolest building evarrr

    I wish I could find a better pic. Cause it's amazing, though not under development yet. It a proposed 10 townhouses built as a tower, in the heart of NYC. It's called 80 South Street. Any other breathtaking buildings.. other then the Gugenheim (however you spell it)
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    Loft Party with Jelo & More

    That was a good night, I didn't stay there for too long, but from what my drunken ears heard all was good. Nice sets by Jelo as always. Hope it's alraight to start a thread here, I know I saw a slew of Tribers there... Thanks Evan Nick
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    LF: Roomate @ Bay & Bloor

    So yeah, Looking for a roomate to move into a nice Loft in Yorkville. Living with my brother and I. $800 (OBO) a month + a 1/3 of the phone and cable bill. Amazing Bay and Cumberland location, close to EVERYTHING! on the Bloor AND Yonge subway line. Room has it's own sliding door to...
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    Mint Cond. Wood Furniture!

    My mom is selling her furniture again... THE ASKING PRICES ARE : BUFFET (8 DRAWERS) length = 57" width = 23 " Hight = 37 " = asking 500.00 - store price 800.00 to 1,000.00 - ARMOIRE (WITH 2 DOORS/1 DRAWER) Hight = 80" Width = 48" Depth = 24" asking 500.00 - store price...