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    FS: Pair of SOUNDGARDEN Tickets July 2nd

    What up... like the titles says... Pair of SG tickets for July 2nd @ Molson Amphitheater... 400's $180.00 for 2 tickets. PM if interested... Wes
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    My latest mix is up in the DJ mixes section

    Circuitbreaker Vol 2... go download it... also got a bunch of hard copies for free at the boxing day Bass n Breaks jam on the 26th... Happy Holidays <3 Wes
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    WES THE ELECTRICIAN - Circuitbreaker Vol. 2 [Breaks - (Good Electro)]

    The Electrician – Circuitbreaker Vol. 2 December 2010 11 Years later... the follow up to Circuitbreaker Vol. 1 =) Track List – 1 hr 6 mins 50 sex Meat Katie and Dylan_Rhymes – Roll Player (Specimen A Remix) Freefire - Dataloss (Darth and Vader Remix) Slyde - Russian Girls Are...
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    FS:::: Twin Mattress w/ Metal Frame ::::

    Hey... I just bought my new mattress yesturday, no need for this Twin Mattress, its about 12 months old, I only slept in in about 2/3rds the time... It's in mint condition... - Perfect for a guest room. - Great to have if you break up with someone and get banished to the small room and...
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    Location Change for WOMP this Saturday

    Hey breakers... just want to let you know about the change of venue for the jam this saturday the 13th... it's now @ Calisto 647 College St. @ Grace (South Wes Side) Just so you know... hope to see you out... :) <3 Wes
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    FS: Stone Temple Pilots Tickets :: This Wed @ Copps Coliseum Face Value

    Who wouldn't want to see one of the greatest rock shows ever... STONE TEMPLE PILOTS !!!! @ Copps Coliseum Wednesday November 18th 7:00pm Great Seats Sec 113 Row 15 Seats 12, 13 Facevalue Price $59.50 (each) Service Charge $10.00 (each) Hit me back if you're interested...
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    Thanks to all those who came out to WOMP! this past Friday...

    Hey gang... for those of you who made it out to WOMP! on Friday I would like to say thanks... it was a total blast... It was fun seeing everyone... faces I haven't seen in ages... Forgot how stressful it was to throw a jam... It's been over 5 years... Come join the WOMP! Facebook...
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    Hey Gang... I made a new Mixed CD check it out..

    Click here to be directed to the link Thanks for listening... Wes
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    :: Dj Deaf Wes :: The Labyrinth Lounge Thursday Nights Promo Mix

    Hey gang... check out a new Mix I made for my night at the lab on thursdays... DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE DJ DEAF WES - LAB PROMO MIX September 2009 Runtime: 59:05 MP3: 320kbps 1. Jet - She's A Genius 2. Santogold - Get It Up (Radioclit Mix ft. MIA & Gorilla Zoe) 3. Lobsterdust -...
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    FS: Native Instruments Battery 3 (Used only 2 times)

    I bought Battery 3 a couple months ago, but just this past month I've decided to buy the whole collection, so I bought Komplete 5. It comes with Battery 3, so now I have an extra one... if interested please PM me or email to b r e a k @ h o t m a i l dot c o m $125 Thanks wes
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    Help Plz: My Computer is fcuked...

    I have a Quad-Core Q6600, 4 gigs ram, 8800 GTS, Asus Striker II Formula MoBo. We just had a power outage this morning for a few hours... my cpu was on when the power went down. Now when i boot my cpu, it freezes on the splash screen. I am unable to access the bios. Too frozen to do...
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    WTB: Microsoft Xbox (Original) Wireless Adapter MN-740

    Anyone have one of these laying around I'd gladly pick up off you... Microsoft® Xbox® Wireless Adapter MN-740 For the Original Xbox... PM me... or email me at b r e a k m x r @ h o t m a i l . c o m Thanks Wes
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    im selling a 24" LCD monitor

    check it... http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=148785
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    FS: Acer 24" LCD Monitor X243W Black DVI/VGA 2 Months Old

    hey what's shakin? i'm selling my badass 24" monitor b/c I have to get a different one with HDMI. This monitor is great for gaming, I didn't notice any lag whatsoever on games like Crysis. There are NO dead pixels. I still have the box and manuals for it, I bought it from Canada Computers...
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    :: Lead Guitar Player needed :: Please read if you know someone...

    What's shakin' tribe people, thought I would expand my search for a wicked lead guitar player for my band. -We are looking for someone who can be dedicate at least 2-3 nights a week for practice -Must dedicated for any shows that pop up. -Must have backup singing ability -Must be...
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    FS: LAPTOP RAM :: 2 x 512 = 1 GIG $30 for the pair

    Ram... for sale. I just upgraded so I have these as extra's get a hold of me at breakmxr@ hotmail dot com or PM me wes
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    Just Upgraded to SX3, and Im havening an issue...

    Hey, I just got SX3 up and running on my pc, I've been using SX2 for a long time. My problem is adding a filter to my vst synth and being able to edit the CC# from the automation editor, The pull downs aren't showing the filter I added to the channel. I could easily do this in SX2, but 3 im...
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    :: DEAF WES :: The Play Deafening Loud November Mix

    DJ DEAF WES (AKA THE ELECTRICIAN) THE PLAY DEAFENING LOUD NOVEMBER MIX 2007 TRACKLIST AS FOLLOWS Ben Delay – Sex With_A_Stranger (Original) Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches (Villains Electro Banger Remix) The Villains – Thrilla JDS – You Got Me Electroluxe Family - Rock That Shit...
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    Lurk !

    just lurkin around...
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    FS: 1 Extra Ticket for TOOL @ Copps

    I have an extra Ticket left over... Pretty good seats !!! Sec: 116 Row: 11 Seat: 6 $86 Bucks... PM me or email me at b r e a k m x r @ h o t m a i l . c o m thanks Wes