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    Che Dubois - Make it Fly REMIX CONTEST

    heres my remix of Che Dubois - Make it Funky. for the 4playtrax remix contest Scratche Remix https://soundcloud.com/scratche-1/che-dubois-make-you-fly
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    Scratche - Promo Mix 2014

    https://soundcloud.com/scratche-1/promo-djmix-2014 Promo Mix 2014 More From ScratchE LIKE @ Facebook Scratche Music Beatport SoundCloud Page Follow on Twitter Track Listing Toth - Public Mind (Scratche Mix) Scratche - Let Go Scratche - Electric Dyslexic Scratche - Good Timing (Steve Velocity...
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    Scratche - Kontrol ( Original Mix ) TSR - OR005 *OUT NOW

    Scratche - Kontrol https://www.facebook.com/scratchemusic https://soundcloud.com/truespin-records Scratche follows up his huge release "Freaka" with his second bass infused monster on Truespin "Kontrol"! This is just a taste of whats to come from Scratche & Truespin Records in 2014...
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    Scratche - Freaka ( Original Mix ) TSR - OR004 *OUT NOW

    Scratche - Freaka https://www.facebook.com/scratchemusic https://soundcloud.com/truespin-records ScratchE makes his debut in a major way with this driving Breaks banger. "Freaka" is a rough Electro bass driven tune with a serious big party feel. This is an artist you will want to keep...
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    Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter REMIX CONTEST - BREAKS ENTRY

    https://soundcloud.com/scratche-1/tears-for-fears-pale-shelter Vote Here Pale Shelter (Scratche Remix) by scratche in the Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter :: Beatport Play ABOUT THIS REMIX Well i decided to go a slightly more upbeat track.. with my remix.. because well thats what i like...
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    ScratchE - SoundCloud Exclusive Mix 2013

    https://soundcloud.com/scratche-1/soundcloud-exclusive-mix-2013 SoundCloud Exclusive Mix 2013 More From ScratchE Beatport SoundCloud Page Follow on Twitter Track Listing M83 - Midnight City (BreaksRUB) Kris Kross - Warm It Up (HouseRUB) Freestylers - The Coming Storm (WardiaN...
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    Free Tunes

    Bunch of Free tunes up for download.. Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/scratche-1
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    August Podcast

    RIGHT CLICK SAVE TARGET AS TRACK LISTING Annie Lennox Vs PMT - Reclaim the Bird(Scratche Mashup) Stereo 8 - Cant Stop Nick Cenik - Dimisihed Capacity(Scratche Remix) Fukkk Offf - I'm A Freak Hook N Sling, Vs Foreigner - Bump The Urgency(Scratche Mashup) Stonewash Feat Fagault - New...
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    FS - 2X Stanton CD 3.14

    price has dropped... and in response too the... price... i didnt put the laptop stands in the original add cuz i was jus throwin them in for free... anyways price has dropped to 600.. for the package deal odyssey laptop/cd turntables stands and 2 stanton 3.14 cd turntables
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    Scratche // Officially A Dad Mix //

    Well I just Found out last week that my wife and I are now pregnant and going to be having a baby this year... so i thought i would put together a mix in honour of me being an upcoming father DOWNLOAD Track Listing Brooklyn Bounce - Get Ready To Bounce Dj misjah & Dj Tim - Access...
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    FS - 2X Stanton CD 3.14

    new ad on kijiji http://brantford.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-electronics-Stands-CD-Turntables-PAIR-Odyssey-Stanton-CD-3-14-W0QQAdIdZ115251202
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    Breakspoll 2009 results

    Yeh its hard to pay attention too the breakspolls... cuz it always seem like it misses out on the big picture... Good Groove got my vote... hehe Good to see NAPT got it thou... good stuff
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    FS - 2X Stanton CD 3.14

    bump still available... ad expired on Kijiji thou
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    FS - 2X Stanton CD 3.14

    hahahaha sorry http://brantford.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-electronics-Stanton-CD-3-14-X2-W0QQAdIdZ111505127
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    FS - 2X Stanton CD 3.14

    Ive currently have 2 Stanton CD 3.14's im asking 800 PM Me or msg me if you want more info i have them posted here http://brantford.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-electronics-Stanton-CD-3-14-X2-W0QQAdIdZ110996202
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    VOYTEK + OTIS - protocol:legacies - -= 10 HOUR Trance Mixset! =-

    Your welcome..... were are all thank you and Otis... Cheers
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    Scratche // 30 Min Mix // Jungle

    Normall I Spin Breaks Or House but have been messin around with jungle records and mp3z ive collected over the years... ive also started producing some jungle n drum n bass stuff but Anyways my first time spinnin jungle in along time but enjoy ... DOWNLOAD Track Listing Maldini -...
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    VOYTEK + OTIS - protocol:legacies - -= 10 HOUR Trance Mixset! =-

    hey everyone i have re seeded this mix myself.. on Demonoid try and help support this EPIC set... this set is for certain a piece of history in my mind.. http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1810540/4893695/
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    Mez dispenser!

    (insert Nelson Laugh) HA HA! ! !
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    FS - Virus classic Snyth

    The Machine is a little beat up sound wise is perfect.... (had posted before but recently found some issues) Missin transpose buttons $300 comes with rack mount ears Tutorial book & DVD Midi cables Power supply