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    FS: Underworld Ticket $40

    One Underworld ticket for sale at face value. $40 Location: Downtown / Liberty Village / King West Contact Kurt @ 416 : 732 : 0264
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    LF: CDJ1000 MK3's

    Looking for a pair, PM me if you hear of any for sale! If you don't have a tribe account you can email me: tribe at blacklight.ca Thanks! Kevin
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    Beer Festival - Sunday

    Who's in?? Got my ticket! Cheers
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    Posting: Unix Systems Administrator for downtown ISP

    Unix Systems Administrator for ISP Beanfield Technologies inc. is a Metro Ethernet ISP operating our own fibre-optic network throughout downtown Toronto. We offer commercial customers in multi-tenant business buildings a variety of services, including Internet Access, Hosted VoIP...
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    WTB: 1, 2, 3, or 4 Beats Ahoy tickets

    IF you're selling any quantity of them, PM me.. I'll buy them. Friend is coming into town from Van and really wants to go! Thanks! Kev
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    Technical Support, Internet - windows/mac/unix/linux/freebsd

    Small facilities based telecommunications & Internet service provider based in downtown Toronto is seeking a young, energetic person to work in our support & setup department. We're looking for somebody not necessarily with a huge resume of experience, but somebody with good common sense...
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    Ultimate Frisbee 2008

    I searched and couldn't find any threads newer than the Ultimate 2007 one in the General forum... Is anyone playing Ultimate this summer? After a couple years off I was thinking of getting back into it, but would love to hook up with some familiar faces instead of joining some random team...
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    Know a good contractor for hardwood flooring? Available Immediately...

    My usual guy is all booked up and I want someone for next week or so. Can anyone here recommend a good contractor to use? I will: - Remove all carpet, baseboards, paint, etc, prep for installation... Job entails: - Preparation of subfloor (if necessary) - Installation of 200sqft of...
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    Travel Advice: Where to stay in Barcelona & Prague - August

    Hey Guys, So Darren (the newf aka prickly pete) and I are conquering Europe this summer. Kicking it off with a flight to London, UK - (which is sorted out already) and then off to Barcelona August 19th to 21st, and Prague August 21st to 23rd. So the question is.. who's been there before...
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    Wanted: Beer Festival Ticket(s) Aug 11th

    Anyone have 1 or 2 tickets to sell? I'll buy 'em. PM me! Thanks
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    Anyone have final scratch?

    ...and can possibly lend me a FS vinyl for tomorrow? 2 out of the 3 I have are worn out on both sides, resulting in a nice little skip with every mix! I just need to borrow 1 vinyl for a couple days. ...or if you have one to sell I'll just buy it from you and save hassle. Either way! pm me! Kev
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    Ferry Corsten @ Skybar June 7th

    I'll be there as the only triber, per usual. ;) go trance! (?)
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    Trade: Lost: Seasons 1 & 2 for 24 Seasons 1,2 etc

    In December I purchased (brand new) seasons 1 and 2 of Lost. I burned through them pretty quickly and am now looking to finally start watching 24. Anyone want to trade the DVD sets? Either temporarily, or permanently I don't care. I'll never watch these lost episodes again and am eager to get...
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    Marco V + Mark Oliver's "the gift" - Saturday

    Anyone else going to this? Should be a good time between the trance classics Oliver will drop and the relentless techy beats from the V man... Kev
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    Video of the DJ Mag Top 100 Party - Fabric, London, UK

    Hope you enjoy it... http://trance.nu/v3/news_show.php?id=3588 Trance.nu brings you the top 100 DJ magazine awards for 2006. Filmed at Fabric, London, on October 25th 2006. Awards - Highest new entry - Highest climber - Top hard dance DJ - Top drum & bass DJ - Top electro DJ -...
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    DJ Mag Top 100 Party - Video

    Thought you might be interested in this - as it's for all genres. Coverage of the top 100 DJ magazine awards for 2006. Filmed at Fabric, London, on October 25th 2006 by Luke @ Trance.nu Awards - Highest new entry - Highest climber - Top hard dance DJ - Top drum & bass DJ - Top electro DJ -...
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    BANG! Festival - Miami

    Long shot... but if anyone is heading down let me know. I may have an extra ticket (free). I'll be there from the 10th to 13th covering the event for trance.nu. Kev
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    New Armin van Buuren Interview + Love Parade 2006

    Hey hey I just posted my new Armin interview if you wanted to read it. I know there are quite a few ASOT fans here, so you'll be interested in it. There's also some Toronto content in there ;) http://trance.nu/v3/news_show.php?id=3407 Also, I've applied to have a float at this year's...
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    Help with Stove / Oven / Range Repair

    (I tried searching but didn't come up with much except alot of threads about that club on queen st.) So my broil element exploded a few weeks ago. I thought no big deal, I'll just go get the proper replacement part, stick it in and chicken fingers here I come... No such luck.. I replaced the...
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    Mon Jan 16th - Reunion at the Wheat Sheaf!

    Well I think we're all on the same page here... as mentioned in the other thead we haven't been out for a good group sheaf night in AGES!!! Let's all get together at the ole' sheaf for some cheap wings and beer! Monday Jan 16th, 7pm Whoever gets there first try to save a couple big tables...