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    I got the job!

    yes, this is true.... finally.. SWEET... all that bullshit was worth it.... who would have thought........ v..abstractdatatype
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    Oh you Arabs... so open minded n all...

    CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- An Egyptian woman married to a man with six daughters from previous marriages drowned herself Saturday just hours after giving birth to a girl because she feared her husband's reaction to fathering another daughter. The 27-year-old woman left her home in Saff, a rural...
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    Strange but True.....

    The Big Mac tastes better than the Big King... But, the Whopper tastes better than the Big Xtra...
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    Why do Techno fans all call songs 'tracks'?

    I do this too, but I've noticed this trend is more pervasive in the dance community...?
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    Interesting American Media Distortion

    Somehow the Americans forgot to mention that they had 41 Casualties/MIAs on March 23. Check CNN, go through the casualty lists and count them!
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    Sympatico FTP problem?!?!?!

    Anyone having trouble with their Sympatico FTP right now? I cant get access although the rest of my internet is working fine. Guess I shouldnt have posted those Iraq bombing pictures huh?...
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    Looking for a good crack of SX

    If anyone here has one... I would greatly appreciate it! Find me at a club and win free drinks!
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    Why Blockbuster and Rogers Video suck ass...

    A couple of nights ago my girlfriend and I wandered into this little video store, stared at the DVD section for 20min not able to figure out what we wanted... Eventually some older dude (the owner) walks over and says, check this movie out (The Devils Backbone - Spanish with sub-titles)...
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    The Face of War...

    Can you believe this shit?
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    George Bush prays for guidance.....

    Recently I read an article on G. Bush and found out that he actually prays for guidance on policy and uses that method to make his most important decisions. Flipping a coin sounds better to me.. At least your randomly deciding between two options with some form of logical basis for both...
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    Top Ten signs of the Apocalypse

    10> Easier to find Sushi restraunt than a Beer store in Toronto 9> Reality Television 8> Ozzy Osbourne 'in'... Michael Jackson 'out' 7> Wunderbar not interested in talking about politics... 6> Jacques Villeneuve driving fast car 5> Jean Chretien nearing retirement 4> "I do not...
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    Ministry of Transport Study

    The Ministry of Transport Safety Board recently divulged that they had for the last five years overtly funded a project with Ford & Chrysler automakers whereby Ford & Chrysler installed black boxes in four wheel drive pickup trucks in an effort to determine, in fatal accidents, the circumstances...
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    Can Bush afford not to have a war?

    an article from TIME... but what happens if there is no war? Hes FUCCCCCCKKKKKKEEEEED
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    Canadian Confidence Cannot Be Shaken

    CANADIAN CONFIDENCE CANNOT BE SHAKEN Saddam Hussein was sitting in his Bagdad palace wondering which country will join the USA to invade Iraq, when his telephone rang. "Hallo, Mr. Hussein" a heavily accented voice said. "This is Archie, down 'ere at the Harp Seal Pub in Badger's Cove...
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    Mestruation TV

    From Postmods thread.... given this, what kind of television do menstruating women watch? are they responsible for soap operas?
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    DJM600 vs. A&H Zone62 vs. Vestax PMC-37 Pro debate

    DJM600 vs. Allen&Heath Zone62 vs. Vestax PMC-37 Pro: mixer gurus debate! I know this is very similar to the thread just finished, but I am pretty torn between these mixers..... Seems to me (far from expert opinion) Allen & Heath + easy to read light up interface all colour...
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    Cubase 5 vs Cubase SX

    Anyone know the differences between these two, I have a solid crack of 5 and am wondering if I should bother searching for a good SX crack.
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    Worst sex you've had...

    For me it would definitely be the time I drank a 40oz bottle of Crown Royal, passed out, and was sexually assaulted by a 200lb teenage girl.... Last thing I remember is thinking... 'close your eyes man'....'close your eyes'... :D v..abstractdatatype
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    What are the rules for DJ duels?

    Are there any rules? Cheap tactics?.... Ive seen lots of duels, but I rarely pay attention to whats going on... too busy dancing... anyway.. v..abstractdatatype
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    Another reason to hate Kazaa

    even though I primarily use Soulseek, I left Kazaa on my system in case I was looking for something 'mainstream', and just kept it turned off..... or so I thought (dun dun dun) a few minutes ago, I opened up ZoneAlarm, just to take a look at my system activity, and to my surprise I found a...