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    The Travel Thread

    Very jealous about the Italy and Brazil trips. Two places I want to visit! I'm going to Croatia end of May for two weeks. Hitting up Zagreb, Rovinj/Istria, Sibenik (and Krka National Park), Omis, Hvar and Split. Would love advice from anyone who's traveled there.
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    Banning Uber: More bullshit coming from the City of Toronto

    While I am pro-Uber, it seems strange to have two sets of regulations for what is seemingly one industry. But whatever, if the taxi cab drivers can't make ends meet then they should start driving for Uber! The only losers will be corporate and plate owners.
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    $$$40 million$$$ Lotto 6/49 this Wednesday!!!

    Yeah, that is so much money! You could take family on a great vacation for 6 months and it does not put a dent in your winnings at all. If anything, it is like a little tiny scratch off the winnings. I've often wondered what I would do with that kind of dough. My plan is to scrape a few mil...
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    $$$40 million$$$ Lotto 6/49 this Wednesday!!!

    Sugar high.
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    your first concert.

    November 1999: Incubus and Primus at The Warehouse
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    Grabbing your ankles at the Gas Pump

    And yet, we continue to buy gas. Gas could be $2.00 a litre and we'd still buy.
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    Will Const. James Forcillo get off for gunning down Sammy Yatim?

    If he receives a four year sentence, I believe he could apply for full parole as early as 16 months in.
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    Toronto police officer charged with murder in streetcar shooting

    murder verdict not guilty because he was justified in firing first volley of shots. attempted murder verdict guilty because he was not justified in firing second volley of shots. not sure why he wasn't found guilty of manslaughter.
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    $$$40 million$$$ Lotto 6/49 this Wednesday!!!

    If thelotter.com is restored before the Wednesday deadline you can just buy them online.
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    What is the best protein?

    Am I going to die from drinking Walmart whey? The chocolate one tastes quite good and dissolves well.
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    Canadian Tire eliminating Canadian Tire Money

    Oh no! No more Canadian Tire money beer at Done Right Inn. :(
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    ^ Understood. I'm just reflecting on all the times I've picked up beer from TBS and it has never been cold enough (in my opinion). I thought putting beer in the fridge or freezer was always the first step after bringing it home.
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    Why is this an issue? Even LCBO beer in the fridge isn't very cold. If you need to drink them as quickly as possible, put them in salt water with ice. That'll get them cold in under 10 minutes.
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    She had the intelligence, creativity and ability, if she didn't stab you in a vital organ

    Shoppers Drug Mart PATH stabbing victim dies in Toronto - Toronto - CBC News
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    Banning Uber: More bullshit coming from the City of Toronto

    Terrible. There wouldn't be a market for uberHOP if we had kept building our transit system. But, we couldn't keep building up transit with the electorate demanding low taxes. At only $5 a head, I can see how this could put a dent into TTC ridership. Transit demands in those neighbourhoods...
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    Snowtire Time

    Went back today. Said there was some gunk caught in between one of the tires and a rim. Weird. Car drove a bit better and it is now only a minor vibration at around 120 km/h. Tolerable. Wish we could get it as smooth as with my summers on. Joy City owner was nice about it though. And, he...
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    Snowtire Time

    Used car, just bought it a month ago.