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    Anybody vaccinated against covid yet?

    Wife who is a pharmacy tech just got word yesterday she's scheduled to get shot one this Sunday. Best news I've had in weeks.
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    The old E!SPACE revisited

    Bump... Anyone have a copy of these pics? Such a wild place. Marty where you at my man?
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Beautiful. Zion Utah?
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    Doug Ford Must Resign For Causing The Mass Death of Ontarians

    ^ No - today Ford stated that he did know earlier Phillips was out of the country and admitted he didn't ask him to return at that time. It wasn't until Phillips became Ontario's most hated man overnight that he got outraged and demanded his return.
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    Doug Ford Must Resign For Causing The Mass Death of Ontarians

    Oh don't worry, "Everything is on the table"
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    RIP Jeffus

    Another legend, RIP.
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    Jar method is pretty fool proof, only real risk is jarring when the flower is still too moist, leading to mold. The most popular method is to dry until the small stems snap when bent, then sealed into jars. However in my experience I find it to be a little too dry at that point. So, get your...
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    Quantum Boards and their variations seem to be the new standard. I too used to go the MH/HPS route, and finally bought a QB from here https://www.horticulturelightinggroup.ca/collections/quantum-board-kits and it seriously kicks ass. More light, less wattage? Sign me up. Less heat too...
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    It seems like you're all kicking ass with the outdoor this year! I had three Bubba Kush 2.0's, their buds were a bit airy and loose so I just did a quick easy trim, into the freezer, then made bubble hash out of it. The fourth was a Zkittles that was pretty beefy, it's currently curing. I...
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    Agreed. Trimming is an absolute chore. The first few times it's kind of novel but it get's old quick. Get a handful of different size scissors and iso to keep them clipping nicely and find what feels best in your hands. Sit, stand, lean.. Get comfortable. Good light or your eyes will...
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    Filthy Hands (A Gardening Thread)

    ^ Nice!! I'm getting a bit worried about my tomato plants. Many of them have been holding nice big green tomatoes for ~ a month but they're not ripening. The various cherry varieties are progressing normally. Weird. Also cucumber beetles suck lol. As do slugs. And worms. And little...
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    RIP PosTMOd

    RIP. Never met the guy but still remember some of his posts. Legendary indeed.
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    Peter Nygard

    I naively assumed his business would be toast after that expose.
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    Growers World (Danforth)

    Also worth watching /r/nugswap - you'll occasionally see people gifting clones.
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    How's everyone holding up?

    I'm not the most spiritual person but gardening is so damn good for the soul. And that is a kick ass picture, very cool.
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    You want some reality?! We keep talking about how things can't return to normal until we have a vaccine.. There is no guarantee a viable vaccine will be created. Some things can't be immunized against.
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    New virus-proof suit will let people attend EDM festivals.

    I mean, in terms of overall style and aesthetics we were almost there 25 years ago.
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    Anyone have experience with a rosin pressing service?

    If anyone has used and would recommend a rosin pressing service I would love to hear from you. I would be sending a quantity of flower through the mail so I'm only looking for recommendations from a trustworthy service, due to the obvious risk. Or if anyone here has a setup and would want to...
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    I generally don't mess around with auto's but I think they're great to start early for outdoor use (early harvest, so less chance of mold or other fall weather related stresses, thieves aren't out mid summer etc), just as you're doing, but this is a touch early since they have a relatively short...