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    Nobody Cares...

    marriage is icky.
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    World Juniors Hockey

    you mean the oilers with hall, eberle, and paajaarvi-svenson, right?
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    [[...Snow Addiktz 09/10...]]

    best video ever. <3 you.
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    World Juniors Hockey

    kadri didn't look good all tournament in my eyes. he didn't really use any of his teammates, made a ton of poor rushes 1 on 3, and should have dominated a lot more as a 19 year old. he has some speed and some chippiness to his game, but i thought he played very poorly.
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    Photos of Sex Offenders

    all rook same?
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    Worst song of the decade

    my lovely lady lumps.
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    [dubstep] little square dot & niko - tales from the dubside, volume four

    looking forward to the next offering gents!
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    The 2010 Winter Blahs

    I'd say you're lucky! There are some great people and great food up there. Try the arctic char and caribou! No winter blahs for me, I love the winter and I just spent the last four days climbing ice.
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    so I fiddled with her, but I was on drugs and I'm sorry...

    I don't think the sentence or treatment would have been any different. He is guilty of sexual assault but the nature of the assault is such that it doesn't warrant any further punishment. If it were Joe Sixpack who plead guilty to a similar case I am certain that he'd get a similar discharge.
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    Wilderness/Adventure Bachelor Party Ideas?

    Are there any yurts that you guys could rent? They're waaaaay more comfy than tenting in winter but still have the camping type feel.
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    Rebuilding "Smack My Bitch Up" in Abelton

    another vote for cool video but no idea what any of it means. /such a neophyte when it comes to production.
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    [[...Snow Addiktz 09/10...]]

    Welcome to the board! Just PM Subsonic and ask him if he still has some sets (I know he does) and I am sure he'll hook you up.
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    dubstep = fresh!

    I'd add Nero to the list too. This Way, Something Else, and Bad Trip are all excellent tunes.
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    dubstep = fresh!

    Any help IDing the track playing at about 20:00? btw this is a fantastic mix, very deep and techno-y.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Wow. I am so sorry to hear that Val. Hope you find some peace in the coming days. :(
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    Merry Christmas, Tribe

    Merry Christmas
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    Scarves are difficult and confusing!

    i thought only 15 year old emo kids from St. Catherines liked alexisonfire.
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    Nobody Cares...

    thank you sir.
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    Vincent Vega's Christmas Presents for Cats Thread

    <3 this thread. our cat, who's been affectionately nicknamed 'bitey,' would not appreciate the genius of a cat tie.
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    Nobody Cares...