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    Character Actors That Have Been Ruined For You

    I have been watching a metric shit ton of movies since I broke my leg and I have noticed that there are certain actors that despite playing different characters always seem to make me angry. Then I realized that I hate them for playing a character in a different movie but I still associate them...
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    can i use a dell router with a mac?

    i have a dell 2350 wireless router, is there any way that i can set up a network with a mac? i don't have any of the software or anything and am a total retard when it comes to this kind of thing. help me tribe!!
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    junglissa - if you're going to get DPed you need a clean box

    empty that shit, c'mon!
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    It's A Birthday Hullaballooo For Subsonic Pete!

    Congrats on your first ice lead up Kerkeslin and to the continued success of Freedom 27 (29?). Happy birthday good buddy.
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    i was milested at ~CaNdYlAnD~

    what a garbage party. i was felt up by ginos all night, paladin5.1 didn't even show up, and some guy name Pouria Vega wouldn't leave me alone until he'd sucked me off in the bathroom.
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    Brother Ali?

    my roommate has been all over his stuff lately, anyone else listening?
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    If you had to choose one animal to represent you which would it be?

    i think the moustache conveys a certain authority and it is a monkey so i think it is a perfect fit for me.
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    a little birdy told me Subsonic Pete is 28!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! actually it was facebook.
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    so quantumize is still a virgin, right?

    i am judging on the basis of the wives and girlfriends thread.
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    happy happy birthday akiras!

    i hope you get everything you wish for (unless you wish for my death) and i hope you have a really great day! :)
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    akiras- time to purge

    some PMs please and thank you.
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    Is Junior in the Buckley's Commerical?

    It looks a lot like him.
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    Humid v. Dry Cold

    does this really exist or is it something within our mind? enquiring minds want to know and also want science to back it up.
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    My Winnipeg Blog

    i need to go for lunch, i am hungry and cranky.
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    why has douchebag resurfaced as a popular tribe insult?

    any thoughts? does anyone actually douche anymore? i think enema bag is worse insult.
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    Point of Odor...Lisa Stinks!

    That's what we can eat....SLIME!!
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    Does anyone ever win contests from beer companies?

    As I was watching TV last night it occurred to me that beer companies always have some kind of contest/promotion going to get people to buy their beer. The problem that I have with them is that no one ever seems to win, they never say when their contest is going until and they never show you...
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    You DON'T Make Friends With Salad: My Return to the Dark Arts of Meat Eating

    i am 26 and have been a vegetarian for close to 9 years. at the time i stopped eating meat i really just didn't like it. i was always a picky eater as a child and didn't like to try new or disgusting looking/smelling foods. i slowly stopped eating red meat, then fish, and finally chicken and...
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    Rob Babcock's Legacy

    So I was thinking yesterday about Babcock's tenure as GM of the Raps and for all the really boneheaded moves and things he said, he did do some good for the franchise. He took the heat for drafting Charlie V, who has impressed me, when people were lauding him for taking Joey Graham, who has has...