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    Acoustic guitar track... Roni Size?

    I'm looking for the name of a "newer" jungle track... it's got acoustic guitar off the top and tail... I think I heard the guy on 89.5 say it's done by two people.. one being Roni Size - but under a different name. Any ideas of its title? -=dån=-
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    who photoshopped unkel hans last year

    Who did this? .. so I can give you credit... if you want it... Plus.. who did the Oktonazi one? I'm doing a similar photoshop "contest" this year... http://vidman.ca/funstuff/oktoberfest
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    VB6 - Embeded OCXs?

    Is there a way to embed OCXs so after compile the user needs no extra files to execute the program? -=dån=-
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    "JPEGs are not free: Patent holder pursues IP grab"

    It's been a while.. thought I'd post. What do you guys think of this? JPEGs are not free: Patent holder pursues IP grab By Andrew Orlowski in London Posted: 18/07/2002 at 16:34 GMT A video conferencing company based in Austin, Texas says it's going to pursue royalties on the...
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    VB6 Decompiler

    Does anyone know a name of or where to get a VB6 Decompiler? One of my hard drives died. The most important data it housed was my vb source code, plus the VB program files. Anyone have the vb6 install? boo... :(
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    Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes dies in wreck

    Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes dies in wreck LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, member of hip-hop R&B group TLC, was killed in a car accident Thursday in Honduras, her record label reported early Friday. She was 30. The head-on collision on a treacherous two-lane country...
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    Looking for a word pro. or desktop pub app

    I can't stand using Corel Word Perfect '97 version any longer. Does anyone out there have a good desktop pub / word pro. proggie?
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    Accutane users please stand up (if you can)

    Remember the dope who crashed a stolen plane into a Tampa office building? The teen who left a note saying he supported Osama bin Laden and the September 11 attacks, 'member him? His family is suing the makers of Accutane, a common drug to treat acne. They're saying it gave him severe...
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    True ORANGE on the 'puter

    What's the RGB code for bright orange? Like the "ING DIRECT" kind of orange? I want it to be bright. and... can computers do fluorescent?
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    The time problem on Tribe

    I don't know if this is a problem for anyone else... but if the post times on Tribe are waay off.. it's because of your Time Offset isn't configured correctly. Don't set your timezone to GMT-5... set it to GMT. Whoever wrote the code for this is retarded.
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    >> Cadbury's Hazelnut bar, Now with WORMS! Trial-run in Cambridge

    Worms Crawl Out of Candy Bar Tuesday March 26, 2002 CLYDE WARRINGTON REPORTER STAFF For years Cadbury has challenged consumers to answer how it got the caramel in the Caramilk bar. But now a Cambridge woman wants Cadbury to tell her how worms got into her Hazelnut bar. Kelly...
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    JELO's email addy.. ?

    I need to get in contact with him. Please post it like this so he doesn't get spammed: jelo(at)whatever.com
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    The Swastika is a really cool design

    I think it's a really neat design... the way it's a loop... and just, the way it looks. Too bad the Nazis destroyed any near-future use of the Swastika (in most countries). It could have made a great logo for a computer/tech company. It sort of looks like a chip or part of a ciruit board or...
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    Russian diplomat who killed Ottawa woman jailed 4 years

    Russian diplomat jailed 4 years Former envoy found guilty in drunk-driving death of Ottawa woman TANYA MAKEYEVA/AP MOSCOW (CP) - The former Russian diplomat who ran over two Ottawa women last winter in a drunk driving accident was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter today...
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    NiPPLES! -- Look like the manikins in the mall!

    Don't have E.N.? Looking for a bit-o T.H.O.? Don't fret, you can look cold without feeling cold! http://www.bodyperks.com I want some to put on my back.
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    CTV now

    The Jonathan W... story... partly shot in Guelph. It's on now... it should be good.
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    Programmers: creating animated gifs in VB

    Is anyone familliar with animated gif code/compiling?
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    Forgetting where you are...

    You're reading a thread... you go get a drink and come back.. and you forget if you're on Tribe or Hulla... Happened just now.. with the '50 hour marathon' thread. yeah...
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    'Search' troubles with IE6?

    When a server isn't found, I like to see the regular "The page cannot be displayed you're a dumbass" screen. I have selected "do not search from the address bar" in the Advanced Options, but every month or two it switches back to "search from the address bar". When domains aren't found it then...
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    Rogers 'net bandwidth rates

    Does anyone have info about the possible extra charge for high bandwidth users? Links to articles and whatnot?