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    BOUNCE Winter Sessions 2014 - Mixed by Rich Hope

    Annual mix for BOUNCE, this one's a 3 deck mixdown featuring a lot of great music. Check BOUNCE Info and stay on top of upcoming events, which are plenty. DL here: BOUNCE Winter Sessions 2014 - Mixed by Rich Hope https://soundcloud.com/rich-hope/winter-sessions-2014-mixed-b Tracklist...
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    Hippy Disco: Rich Hope - Mossy Meadows mix

    some trippy chill disco-ey beats, this one's pretty laid back. Enjoy! DL Rich Hope- Mossy Meadows Tracklist: Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs Robinson (Loosefit vs Peter Vesti) DJ Steef - Triolisme (Magic Wand) Dynamicron - Love a Woman (Midnight Riot) Cram - Mossy Meadows (Deja-Move Remix)...
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    Stereo Receiver help

    hey dudes, some audio help here: I'm looking for a new stereo receiver that is simple but quality. I don't need a 10" high tank with 7.1 channels etc - I want something slim and stylish, that has input for a couple of devices and preferably some bluetooth/wireless capabilities. Any...
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    Rich Hope - Pot Kettle Black (DJ Mix)

    Does anyone still check this forum for mixes? Hope so, as TRIBE's always been a great way to share and listen to some great sets over the years... Anyways here's a new one, first heard on Mattyson's Halfway House radio show on Oct 9 2013. Lots going on. Listen to / Download Rich Hope -...
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    dark wood & glass dining table (extendable) + 6 chairs

    Selling a beautiful and unique dark wood dining table and 6 chairs. All are in excellent condition. Table can be easily extended from from 56" to 81" without the need for a leaf - simply pull the ends of the table to elongate. 2 frosted glass surfaces on each side. 6 dark wood chairs...
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    FS: modified American Audio CK-1000 (2x CDJ + Mixer combo) + flightcase

    selling this unit after almost 2 years of use, it's still in great shape since I only used it for one specific monthly gig, and always used the flight case. I'm selling because I've recently upgraded my mobile rig. This is a great solution for easy mobile DJing setups This unit is modified...
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    rar/zip extractor for Mac

    Just switched from PC to a MacBook, so far so good but I'm wondering what people use to (un)zip and (un)rar please advise, thanks
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    Slow Mo House/Disco: Rich Hope - Slow Poke

    Hey guys, some chill vibes for the summer months, hope you enjoy! Download Rich Hope - Slow Poke Tracklist: Intro - De La Soul - Millie Pulled a Pistol On Santa 1 DJ Steef - Ride a Poney 2 Bloody Tadi - Got It (Hotbox Slocut) 3 Ed Wizard & Double Dee - Straight Up 4 Late Nite Tuff...
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    2x tickets Maple Leafs vs Lighting TONIGHT - good price

    Had a last minute thing come up and can't make the game tonight. Selling 2 tickets for $175, can meet you downtown or possibly drop them off earlier. Sec 314, Row 1, Seats 17 and 18. Right near the Icebox bar. PM or email richard.d.hope at gmail thanks
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    Funky House: Rich Hope - BOUNCE Spring 2013 Promo Mix

    Spring has almost sprung and it's time to get excited about BOUNCE events for 2013! Lots to look forward to, kicking off with Australia's Sonny Fodera on March 30th Anyways here's a 60 min mix to help ramp up the excitement, lots of material with plenty of funk. hope you enjoy! DL Rich...
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    FS: Black Leather Couch

    I keep putting this off and really need it out of my place, no room for it! I bought it almost 3 years ago and it's still in great shape and barely used since it was the secondary couch in my last place. Really quality leather. Comes with leather back support cushion that’s removable...
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    Rich Hope - HouseAddict Podcast (Dec 2012)

    Here's a new mix recorded for the fine folks at HouseAddict.com, head on over to the podcast section and take a listen. Will post it on Soundcloud as well in a week or so. HouseAddict.com - House Music at its Finest Lots of music crammed into about 70 minutes Tracklist: Disco...
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    FS: large brown leather couch

    Selling a big brown leather couch. I was the first owner and have enjoyed this couch for about 5 years. It's still in great shape although there are a few nicks here and there - natural wear from a few years use. The couch is nicely deep and very lounge-y. Paid around $1200 and selling for...
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    FS: dark wood filing cabinet

    Selling a beautiful dark wood filing cabinet, I was the first owner and am selling due to a recent move, need to downsize. Great condition, holds lots of documents and is nice to look at. Comes with keys for locking. Dimensions: Depth: 26.5" Height: 27.5" Width: 19" Original price...
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    2x tickets to Rogers Cup Tennis Q-Finals Matinee Fri Aug 10

    Selling 2 hard tickets to the Rogers Cup Mens Quarter Final Matinee (daytime) session, Friday August 10. Gates open at 10am. Tickets are BRONZE, Section 137, NW corner, Row N, Seats 7 and 8. Anyone who has been to this venue knows that these are great seats. I paid $253 all in with taxes...
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    Rich Hope - Blasting Fonda (Sleaze House/Disco) Aug 2012

    Another quick paced mix for your audio enjoyment, this one is about 33 tracks in under an hour, but hopefully the attention to programming keeps things relatively smooth. This mix is on the funkier / disco side of house, lots of summertime action. A couple of vinyl cuts here (Hitney Whouston and...
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    Sleazebot (Jeff Button & Rich Hope) - HouseAddict Podcast June 2012

    Here's a new set from Jeff and I, recorded for irGo's HouseAddict mix series. Catch Sleazebot live at Footwork June 23 for Modern Love Affair 16, and the Bounce Canada Day where we'll be going for 3 hours peak time. Hope you dig Sleazebot - HouseAddict Podcast June 2012 Tracklist...
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    Sasha @ Footwork June 9

    no that's not a joke, wtf
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    Classics & Forgotten Jams: Rich Hope live on Halfway House, Sound FM 100.3

    Here's a one hour mega-mix type set of classic late 90s funky house, broadcast live on SoundFM 100.3 on April 4 2012. You'll find some well-known jams as well as some forgotten gems I was really excited to pull out again. Mixed on 3 decks. Thanks to Matty for having me on his weekly Halfway...