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  1. J

    Recommend me a Laptop...

    So the time has come to upgrade my laptop. Both the wife and I have tablets, so really what I am looking for is something to store media (music, movies, tv shows), run itunes from with hdmi to connect to tv. Some light web stuff, and remote desktop to log in to work remotely...
  2. J

    Things to do in Key West

    So the wife and I are spending a week in Key West (March 2-9), does anyone out there have any suggestions for stuff to do?
  3. J

    Thievery Corporation

    Posted in roll calls - they are coming to town early next year....... Looking forward to it, the new album is decent...mostly the first 5 or 6 tracks, after that kinda meh.
  4. J

    Thievery Corporation

    @ Koolhaus Anyone going?
  5. J


    Why am I finding his Club Thing tune so hard to get out of my head?? It been in there since December.........and no matter how many times I listen to it, I just can't tire of it...and the remixes are pretty freaking good as well....
  6. J

    What to do in Hamilton?

    I have to hang out in Hamilton from 9am tomorrow while my father goes in for a heart valve replacement. The surgery will take like 6 hours, is there anything near Hamilton General that I could hang out with my mom for a few hours at down in that neck of the woods??? I figured breakfast...
  7. J

    FS: Ikea Jerker Computer Desk

    Black table/shelf tops, approx. 6 months old. Good condition. Has additional top shelf which is silver on silver instead of black. Selling because I moved and it is too big. No swivel/speaker shelf attachments or drawer attachment. Pick up please @ Queensway & Hurontario. I can...
  8. J

    FS - XBOX & Games & HD Package

    Selling my XBOX with the following games and accessories: Accessories: DVD package (w/ remote) HD Set-up w/ cables 4 S-Type Controllers Games: Halo Halo 2 Ultimate Spider-Man Spider-Man 2 Ninja Gaiden Splinter Cell Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow 007 James Bond - Nightfire...
  9. J

    LF: Beginner Snowboard Setup

    Looking for a used board/bindings at least, and will also be looking for "gently used" boots & helmet (maybe). I dunno if this helps, but I'm 6'-1" & 190 lbs. Anyone looking to get rid of their old gear??
  10. J

    I think someone is trying to hack my ftp site

    the same ip keeps trying to log in as user x+1 over and over, as an administrator (i don't have an account created for admin) and keeps getting booted off for invalid passwords. but the same ip keeps trying and trying, over a hunderd times now. i've tried kicking off the user and banning ip...
  11. J


    there is someone trying to log onto my ftp site as administrator (of which I have not created an account for), and it keeps trying to log in, and enter different passwords. none of them work, but it's spooking me out - it's tried like 40 or 50 times by now. I have tried killing the user and...
  12. J

    burning .avi to dvd

    so i have a bunch of .avi's that my dad wants me to burn to dvd - i assume i need some sort of conversion program to convert to mpeg first, and then use a program like nero to burn to dvd?? are there any shareware apps that will handle this, and still provide quality video? (i'm at my...
  13. J

    Huzzah - Huff is back!!

    That's right, everyone's favourite psychiatrist will be returning to TMN for a new season!!! No more re-runs!! I can't wait to see what kind of hijinx his lawyer will get into now April 3rd, 2 Hour Season Premiere SWEEEEET!!
  14. J

    Adam Freeland - Coastal Breaks 1

    After many random attempts throughout the years to buff the scratches out of my original copy of Coastal Breaks from 1997, I was finally able to rip a high quality VBR Encoded mp3 of this double disc classic!!!!!!!!! You really should see the CD - it's a freaking nightmare after being lent...
  15. J

    Scammed by Playboy

    So I go to the local variety store to pick up some things, and I glance at the magazine rack. Low and behold, I see a picture of Jessica Alba on the cover of Playboy. Jessica Alba - NICE!!! Now, I'm not one to buy skin mags (pssht - who pays for porn these days) but this really piqued my...
  16. J


    heard that angel tune from the Dave Murray mix in the mixes thread - d/l a few tunes and am digging that, where would I go to pick up some discs?? would they be at HMV/Sunrise, or would it be all online??
  17. J

    Kobe breaks 80!!!

    Freaking sick. Aside from Wilt's 100, that's gotta be a high mark............
  18. J

    Burning .bin files without the .cue that goes with it...

    is it doable???
  19. J

    These are the breaks I know, I know

    (sung to the tune of "These are the Daves I Know" by Kids in the Hall) These are the breaks I know, I know These are the breaks I know Miiiike and Charley there hits never missed they would always make me dance and staty for after par-ties
  20. J

    Where to see some live acts????????

    I realize that it is not "appropriate" to list "events" , but does anyone know of some places to be, and what particular days to be there to catch some live chill acts (maybe in the vein of an Ambient Ping, but mayhaps with some percussion thrown in persay)?????